The truth about schizophrenia, separating fact from fiction

One in 100 people is affected by schizophrenia during their life, but 45% of those surveyed thought the illness was much more common. Half mistakenly thought the illness was defined by a split personality and a quarter believed it definitely led to violent behaviour. But the reality is very different, a new campaign by Rethink Schizophrenia campaign claims

The truth about schizophrenia, separating fact from fictionSchizophrenia does not mean you have a split personality or automatically become violent, a mental health charity has warned. Rethink Mental Illness said a survey of 1,500 people showed that the condition is widely misunderstood. Schizophrenia commonly causes hallucinations, such as hearing voices, or delusions and can make people lose interest in life. But it […]

New study reveals, nearly 80 per cent of schizophrenia risk down to genes

Psychosocial, environmental, and genetic factors are known to contribute to the risk of developing the disease, but to what extent? New research - carried out by scientists at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark - suggests that almost 80 per cent of the likelihood of having schizophrenia may be genetic

New study reveals, nearly 80 per cent of schizophrenia risk down to genesThe National Institutes of Health (NIH) define schizophrenia as a “chronic, severe, and disabling mental disorder” that affects 1.1 per cent of all adults in the United States. Although the average age of onset for the disease has not been determined, symptoms of schizophrenia usually appear between the ages of 16 and 30. Psychosocial, environmental, […]

Scientist work towards quietening the ‘voices’ of schizophrenia

Scientists believe a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy can help quell auditory verbal hallucination (AVH). TMS essentially calls for an electromagnetic coil to be placed against the scalp. The electromagnet delivers a pulse that stimulates nerve cells in a specific region of the brain that controls mood. It’s often used to treat depression

Scientist work towards quietening the ‘voices’ of schizophreniaSay the word schizophrenia and what comes to mind? Most likely it’s an image of a person who hears voices — someone who is carrying on a conversation in a loud manner with themselves. In a clinic setting, the voices that patients hear are known as auditory verbal hallucination (AVH). It’s just one in a […]