Can heart patients run a marathon safely?

An Indian dies of a heart attack every 33 seconds. Surprisingly, in the last few years recreational running is gaining popularity. We are determined to make running more of a lifestyle improvement, in order to benefit not only our physical body but also our heart

Can heart patients run a marathon safely?“As every runner knows, running is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other; it is about our lifestyle and who we are.”- Joan Benoit In 2004, when Mumbai marathon first began, the bookings were open till the day before the event. This year, the spots were filled 6 months in […]

Mumbai Marathon: Cardiac rehab for heart patients to get them running

Tata Mumbai Marathon is round the corner and people have geared up to give their best. A lot of heart patients have also prepped up for the same. Dr Nilesh Gautam, the medical director for the Marathon this year, lists out some dos and don’ts for the heart patients

Mumbai Marathon: Cardiac rehab for heart patients to get them runningEach marathon is a new adventure!  For many runners, the desire to run for a marathon is about a personal challenge. You might want to test your limits or prove that you can go the distance. However, finishing a marathon is an enormous accomplishment no matter what your time is. As runners gear up to […]

Where runners go wrong

Statistics on such injuries vary, but somewhere between 30 percent and 75 percent of runners are hurt annually, a number that has led researchers to investigate a wide array of possible explanations, from modern running shoes to stretching, running frequency, weight, biomechanical misalignment and muscle imbalance

Where runners go wrongAs evidence has mounted that distance running is not just a natural human activity enjoyed by millions, but one that played a key role in evolution, a puzzle has emerged. Why, if humans are so well adapted to running long distances, do runners get hurt so often? A study out of Harvard Medical School and […]