Six common mistakes new runners tend to make

Running is a great way to get in shape and just about everyone can do it. You don’t need access to a fancy gym, expensive equipment, or other people to do the workout. You can simply throw on your sneakers and head out the door for a run. Easy as that

Six common mistakes new runners tend to makeGiven that it’s so easy to take up the sport, a lot of beginners jump right into running without actually knowing what it takes to establish a healthy routine. Many make a number of common mistakes, which can interfere with training or lead to injury. If you’re just starting out, keep these things in mind […]

Mumbai Marathon: ‘This will be my first dream run’

Tata Mumbai Marathon or the ‘dream run’ is all set to begin in the next five days. This year, many cardiac patients in the team under special supervision of doctors are participating. My Medical Mantra talks to one such patient who will run 10 kms after joining a cardiac rehab just 15 days after his surgery

Mumbai Marathon: ‘This will be my first dream run’Every adventure has someone’s story to tell and so are various unique stories of participants at the Mumbai Marathon this year. Scheduled on January 21, it has many patients who have undergone cardiac surgeries and are back to their routine. For an engineer working with an esteemed organisation realising that he suffered from an acute […]

Get, set, go: Tips to keep in mind before the Mumbai Marathon

Each marathon is a new adventure!  For many runners, the desire to run for a marathon is about a personal challenge. You might want to test your limits or prove that you can go the distance. However, finishing a marathon is an enormous accomplishment no matter what your time is. As runners gear up to hit the streets for the Mumbai Marathon on January 21, know how to keep your spirits high!

Get, set, go: Tips to keep in mind before the Mumbai MarathonThe final week is a crucial time for marathoners. All the tough training needs to count and therefore it is important to look after yourself and your body during this final phase. For marathoners: Take it easy. Run with your peer group. You already have got your best timing. This is not the time to […]