Surprising facts about the female orgasm

The female orgasm is often depicted as the center of a woman's sexual satisfaction and the ultimate goal of sex. But many women don't experience an orgasm during sexual intercourse until their 20s or even 30s, and the number of women who say that they always or nearly always have one during sex is declining

Surprising facts about the female orgasm  Societal norms and the media both heavily influence how we view women’s orgasms, but research shows that their, sexual activity preferences and experiences with orgasm vary widely. The social expectations surrounding women’s orgasms can be particularly distressing to women who don’t always experience them. And when depictions of sex in the media are thrown […]

Explained: ‘Broken heart syndrome’ and how to deal with it

In medicine, ‘Broken heart syndrome’ refers to a form of ‘Stress Induced Cardiomyopathy’. However, today the term is used in a more conventional sense; as an indicator of the emotional numbness experienced following a break-up

Explained: ‘Broken heart syndrome’ and how to deal with itA ‘heart break’ is perhaps one of the most universally established terms for conveying distress. Its use can vary from being used as a substitute for a dish gone wrong in the kitchen, by fans to emphasise the frustration when your team loses, by parents to underline the anger of disappointing results and used by […]

Marriage can lower your risk of heart attack, says study

Recently, several studies have looked at the effects of married life on an individual's health. The findings are often encouraging, suggesting that the closeness of married partners can have an important and beneficial psychosocial influence

Marriage can lower your risk of heart attack, says studyA new study suggests that individuals who have experienced a heart attack, or who are at an increased risk of heart disease, have a better likelihood of survival if they are married. This, researchers say, could be due to the availability of a close support network. Likewise, a study presented last weekend at the European Society of Cardiology […]