An act of kindness: Goan family helps treat maid’s son who has cancer

Umesh Megeri’s mother had been working as maid at the house of Maria Augusta since the last 23 years. When Megeri spoke to them about his disease and the cost of the treatment, which he was not able to afford; the Augusta family decided to help him, without a second thought

An act of kindness: Goan family helps treat maid’s son who has cancerA family from Goa showed rare generosity by offering all the help and support required to treat their maid’s son who was suffering from cancer, which was at an advanced stage. He was undergoing treatment in Pune. Due to the benevolence shown by the Augusta family, Umesh Megeri, a 22-year-old boy is back to his […]

Burning diarrhoea: Treatment and recovery

Severe or long-lasting diarrhoea, however, can cause malnutrition and extreme dehydration. Left untreated, however, dehydration can lead to death. Whenever burning diarrhoea lasts longer than 2 or 3 days, or is extremely painful or bloody, it is important to seek medical attention

Burning diarrhoea: Treatment and recoveryAlthough it is uncomfortable, burning diarrhoea is not usually a sign of a serious health condition. Most cases resolve within a few hours or days on their own, or with the help of basic home remedies. What is burning diarrhoea? Diarrhoea occurs when the intestines do not absorb enough fluid from the body’s waste. This […]