Do you need better sleep? Try this simple, yet effective trick

Try increasing your physical activity and walk 2,000 more steps every day to improve your quality of sleep, according to a new study

Do you need better sleep? Try this simple, yet effective trickGetting the required eight hours of sleep is difficult to accomplish in this day and age with demanding lifestyles and high-pressure jobs. Usage of technology has also played a significant role in disturbing patterns of people, impacting physical and mental health. Ultimately, weakening the immune system. Not sleeping enough impairs functioning the next day by […]

Poor sleep associated with high blood pressure, suggests study

A bad night’s sleep may result in a spike in blood pressure that night and the following day, according to new research led by the University of Arizona

Poor sleep associated with high blood pressure, suggests studyThe study, to be published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, offers one possible explanation for why sleep problems have been shown to increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and even death from cardiovascular disease. The link between poor sleep and cardiovascular health problems is increasingly well-established in scientific literature, but the reason for the […]

How lack of sleep harms circulation

Scientists have long been aware of the relationship between insufficient sleep and poor cardiovascular health. However, exactly how the lack of adequate sleep can harm circulation has remained unclear. A new study now uncovers some of the potential mechanisms

How lack of sleep harms circulationOne aspect of health that a person’s quality of sleep can influence is cardiovascular health. For example, research findings from the start of this year showed that sleeping for less than 6 hours per night rather than for 7–8 hours could increase a person’s risk of atherosclerosis, a condition in which plaque builds up inside […]

Lack of sleep changes your personality

In 1959, New York DJ Peter Tripp stayed awake 200 hours for charity. While the impact of his 'wakeathon' was far more dramatic than expected, doctors are still learning about why it changed him so much. Jakke Tamminen, a psychology lecturer at Royal Holloway, explains

Lack of sleep changes your personalityIn 1959, Peter Tripp, a popular New York DJ, pledged to stay awake for 200 hours for charity while continuing to host his radio show. Studies into sleep deprivation were rare at the time so no one knew what to expect. This made it a major event, not only for Tripp’s millions of listeners, but […]

Patients find it harder to sleep in hospitals, reveals study

Hospital patients get a lot less sleep, wake up more frequently during the night, and rise earlier in the morning than they would in bed at home, a Dutch study suggests

Patients find it harder to sleep in hospitals, reveals studyWhile previous research has also tied sleep problems in hospitals to worse outcomes for patients, few studies to date have quantified exactly how little rest patients get, researchers note in JAMA Internal Medicine. For the current study, researchers examined data collected from about 2,000 adults who spent a night at one of 39 hospitals in […]