World Chocolate Day: Fertility inducing benefits of dark chocolate

World chocolate day is celebrated every year on July 7.  When consumed in large amounts and frequently chocolate will cause weight gain, consumed in moderation and the right kind of chocolate certainly has unique health benefits

World Chocolate Day: Fertility inducing benefits of dark chocolateAccording to experts, dark chocolate is beneficial for overall health as it is packed with antioxidants and contains various essential nutrients. Dr Rajalaxmi Walavalakar, shares some scientifically proven fertility inducing benefits of dark chocolate: For enhancing chances of conception Arginine, one of the vitamins found in dark chocolate is a building block of the chemical […]

The truth about fruit

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The truth about fruit“My team and I often hear the most ill-informed stories about food and fitness. While it can be funny, it’s also unfortunate that people do not have access to scientific truths about something that is so essential to their well-being. One of the most misunderstood foods are fruits. They are neither the miracle cure for […]