This baby toy can causing serious injuries, caution health experts

No matter how much bad press it gets, the baby walker is still very much alive and kicking. Even though this common childhood toy provides absolutely no benefit and can put children in harm’s way, many parents across the globe are still using them. Now, a new study has revealed some data on just how risky this practice truly is, and we should all pay attention

This baby toy can causing serious injuries, caution health expertsAccording to a new study, hundreds of thousands of babies have been injured while using baby walkers. The results of the study appeared in the latest issue of the journal Pediatrics this week. The team of researchers looked at emergency visits due to injuries caused while using infant walkers between 1990 and 2014. They found […]

Picky eating does not have an adverse impact on children’s health

Picky eating in toddlers is a well-documented phase when children don’t want to try new foods and/or show very strong preferences.  It can create much worry for parents, and has created a whole market for advice, guidance and tools to encourage young children to try lots of new tastes and textures

Picky eating does not have an adverse impact on children’s healthResearch findings using data from the University of Bristol’s Children of the 90’s study should reassure parents that their fussy toddlers can grow up with a healthy height and weight. In fact, being more relaxed around eating will help your child be less choosy. University of Bristol researchers Dr Caroline Taylor and Dr Pauline Emmett […]

Five tiffin box ideas for your child

Swati Bhushan, Chief Clinical Nutritionist, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, shares five ways to give your child a healthy and a nutritious lunch box

Five tiffin box ideas for your childMany times, kids turn fussy when it comes to eating their lunch boxes. Sometimes, they come home with a half-eaten or untouched lunch box. Snacks in a lunch box should comprise of healthy, and nutritious components. However, making them compelling is the priority. In observance of National Nutrition Week, let’s look at five super easy […]

Parents need to limit their screen time for better parent-child interaction

As much as children need limits on their smartphone use and screen time on other devices, parents need ‘off-hours’ time, too, according to a new resource published in JAMA Pediatrics

Parents need to limit their screen time for better parent-child interactionChildren learn smartphone habits from their parents, so it’s important to make time to unplug and ‘single-task,’ prioritise quality time with children, and resist the urge to document everything, the authors write. “With mobile devices, parents have a personalised, interactive computer containing all of their work, social, informational and entertainment lives in their pockets,” said […]

Accidents just happen, do they?

Dr Mohammed Shakeel, HOD-Emergency and Trauma, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, shares how little, unattended things can lead to some serious mishaps, how to prevent them? And how and what to do during such instances

Accidents just happen, do they?Accidents are the main reason for injuries and sometimes death amongst the children. As a fact, the place, that people feel the safest, their house, hide various hazards; the prime cause is sheer negligence. A minor distraction can lead to some serious injuries, many accidents, that happen in and around the home can be avoided. […]

Depression in mother’s can affect kid’s IQ and development

A mother’s depression can lower the children's IQ and negatively affect their cognitive development up to the age of 16, a study has found

Depression in mother’s can affect kid’s IQ and developmentResearchers studied 875 middle or lower-class mothers in Chile and their healthy children over a 16-year period, evaluating participants roughly every four years. At any point during the study, about half of the mothers had symptoms of depression, and one-third were severely depressed, according to Patricia East of the University of California San Diego School […]

What is responsive feeding? This is what parents need to know

The habits we learn early can stay with us for a lifetime - which is why it’s better to learn good habits early, not bad ones. This is especially true with eating habits. More and more, research shows that overweight babies grow into overweight children, who grow into overweight adults. One of the very best ways to prevent obesity is to start before they are two years old, preferably right at birth. That’s why parents should know about responsive feeding

What is responsive feeding? This is what parents need to knowMost parents feel better when their baby eats more – and eats on a predictable schedule. It’s comforting and reassuring. It helps parents feel certain that their baby has had enough to eat. It also makes it easier to organize the day or give instructions to babysitters. But when we push babies to eat more […]

The guilty secret of distracted parenting

We’re distractible because tending young children day after day after day can wear you down. The paradox of parenting is that the actual minutes and hours can creep; you can find yourself stuck in the world’s longest 15 minutes embedded in those fast-spinning years

The guilty secret of distracted parentingYour phone can seem to call to you in an especially seductive way when you are a parent on playground duty. And one reason is, let’s face it, that playground duty can get old long before your children do. At a recent paediatric meeting where we discussed the new recommendations from the American Academy of […]

‘Authoritarian parents can destroy the lives of children more than dengue, malaria or swine flu’

Most people love and appreciate their parents. We don't doubt that. The problem is, parents can't tell this unless you show it by the way you treat them. Parents get very upset when children do not share their secret or difficult moments with them. Dr Harish Shetty, Consulting Psychiatrist at LH Hiranandani Hospital, Powai lists out some common scenarios that occur with children in families

‘Authoritarian parents can destroy the lives of children more than dengue, malaria or swine flu’A great family is one where kids share their bad news early. The repair and restoration of the pain in the minds is quicker and faster. Adults who share their difficult moments at home inspire their children to do the same, says  Dr Harish Shetty, Consulting Psychiatrist at LH Hiranandani Hospital. He added, “When the dad […]

Is your child emotionally intelligent?

Emotional intelligence is the 'something' in each of us that is a bit intangible. It affects how we manage behaviour, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions that achieve positive results. Raising emotionally intelligent kids can decrease their future chances off psychiatric illnesses like stress, depression, anxiety and drug use, says Dr Mansi Jain

Is your child emotionally intelligent?Imagine your child being able to articulate his/her feelings into words instead of throwing a temper tantrum; he/she was able to understand and communicate to you that he/she is upset, but understands why you had to suddenly cancel your plans of taking him/her to the zoo, instead of howling and breaking his/her toys. Isn’t this […]