Long-term antibiotic use in women may increase death risk by 27%

Antibiotics increase women's risk of an early death from heart disease by inflicting irreparable damage on their gut lining, new research warns. Those who are prescribed a dose that spans two months or more are 58 per cent more likely to succumb to terminal heart issues, the study found. In fact, their risk of premature death from all causes bumps up 27 per cent

Long-term antibiotic use in women may increase death risk by 27%Antibiotics have been commonly prescribed by doctors for 70 years. These drugs have significantly reduced global rates of illness and death from infectious diseases. However, their widespread use has allowed some infectious organisms to adapt and become resistant to antibiotics. There are some side effects associated with antibiotics – including feeling sick, diarrhoea, and fungal […]

Explained: What is antibiotic resistance?

The World Health Organization (WHO) calls antibiotic resistance ‘one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today’

Explained: What is antibiotic resistance?Bacteria are an integral part of our ecosystem and we share our bodies with many of these tiny creatures. However, they can be the root of serious health problems. There are roughly as many human cells as bacterial cells in our bodies, and our microscopic passengers pay their way by helping our immune system and […]