#InternationalEpilepsyDay: Know about the myths and facts associated with epilepsy

Epilepsy or seizures is one of the most common neurological disorders in India, with a prevalence of 5 per 1000 people; translating into a burden of more than 5 million cases. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that epilepsy affects 50 million people worldwide

#InternationalEpilepsyDay: Know about the myths and facts associated with epilepsyEpilepsy is one of the oldest disorders of the brain, affecting more than 60 million people worldwide. It has no age, racial, or geographical boundaries. It’s sudden and dramatic appearance has mystified mankind since a long time, no wonder it is surrounded by prejudices and myths. Seizures, sometimes called ‘fits’ or ‘attacks’ can be frightening […]

‘Genetic biomarkers to help streamline treatment in the future’

At the World Federation for Neuro Rehabilitation (WFNR) which is hosting its 10th World Congress here in Mumbai, Prof Nam-Jong Paik, a Neuro Rehabilitation expert from South Korea said that evaluating genetic factors while giving correct treatment is crucial. He said that treatments in the future for neurological disorders will be given after taking genetic factors into consideration. He mentioned that genetic biomarkers are still in the conceptual stage but will develop in the future

‘Genetic biomarkers to help streamline treatment in the future’  While some treatments work for some patients the same treatment do not work for others. This area is being studied under the branch called ‘genetic biomarkers’. “Some factors like race, colour, environment and eating habits do affect the treatment results. The experts who are studying how these factors affect treatment are studying genetic make-up […]