Is fasting during Navratri good for diabetic patients?

Dr Pradeep Gadge shares whether fasting is good for diabetic patients, and if a patient opts for fasting, then how to do it in a right way.

Is fasting during Navratri good for diabetic patients?Navratri has a special place many people, and they welcome it with great enthusiasm, many people prefer fasting during the fest. Due to religious and scientific beliefs, these nine days are said to be the best for fasting. For a diabetic patient, fasting during Navratri is not mandatory, it is a personal choice. A diabetic […]

Nine health tips to follow during Navaratri

Fasting is a good way to detoxify your body from the regular junk and alcohol that is consumed, helping maintain sugar levels in the body. However, keeping a tab on your fasting methods is important to avoid any health mishaps

Nine health tips to follow during NavaratriThe festival of Navaratri – nine nights of celebration of goddess Durga has begun and has been welcomed with much fervour. The festival witnesses tons of devotees observing a fast for a period of nine days in honour of the goddess. A strict no-meat practice enables one to savour various vegetarian specialties during this period. […]