Ahead of World Mosquito Day, know about different vectors and diseases they spread

World Mosquito Day commemorates Sir Ronald Ross’ 1897 discovery of the link between mosquitoes and malaria transmission. The event raises awareness about the threat of malaria and other diseases transmitted by the world’s deadliest animal

Ahead of World Mosquito Day, know about different vectors and diseases they spreadMosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals in the world. Their ability to carry and spread diseases to humans causes millions of deaths every year. There are several different mosquitoes that can carry many different diseases. Aedes, Anopheles, Culex mosquitoes act as vectors (living organisms that can transmit infectious diseases between humans or from animals […]

This monsoon, learn how to stay safe from leptospirosis

Dr Amit Nabar, a Consultant-Critical Care and Head of Department -Accident, and Emergency Medicine, SL Raheja Hospital, Mahim, shares his insights about a life-threatening monsoon malady - Leptospirosis

This monsoon, learn how to stay safe from leptospirosisMonsoon is that time of the year when one needs to take every precaution possible to avoid water-borne diseases. Most of us are aware of the prevalence of ailments like malaria, typhoid, cholera, and others, that are caused during the season, leptospirosis is one of them. It is a common infection during monsoon, especially amongst […]

#MumbaiRains: Mumbai witnesses fewer cases of lepto in comparison to last year

Mumbai recorded fewer cases of leptospirosis and malaria in August 2019, while the same period in August 2018 saw 853 cases of malaria and 46 cases of leptospirosis. This year from August 1st to 11th, the city witnessed 259 cases of malaria and 15 cases of leptospirosis

#MumbaiRains: Mumbai witnesses fewer cases of lepto in comparison to last year465 cases of dengue-like illnesses were admitted in August 2019 as compared to 2,317 in August 2018. Incidence of dengue, leptospirosis, malaria and gastroenteritis is less compared to previous year cases. Less cases of leptospirosis were reported in the current year despite of multiple situations of flooding in Mumbai. This attributable to 3 rounds of […]

How to deal with monsoon-related ENT ailments

The monsoon brings with it two types of weather wet and cold alternating with dry and humid. These conditions are ideal for the growth of mould dust mites and bacteria. Bacteria cause bacterial infections while mould and dust mites cause fungal infections and seasonal allergies

How to deal with monsoon-related ENT ailmentsThere is also a lot of pollen in the air which lends itself to allergies due to increased greenery. Viruses thrive in cool temperatures as in the monsoon leading to viral infections. ENT problems caused include: Allergic rhinitis and sinusitis which are conditions where patients have running nose headaches and sometimes fever, fungal infections of […]

Maharashtra forms 162 special teams to treat monsoon-related ailments

Following a survey 162 special teams of health department staff is set up to examine monsoon-related diseases in Maharashtra

Maharashtra forms 162 special teams to treat monsoon-related ailmentsMany deaths have reported due to rain-related incidents across Maharashtra in the last 48 hours. Also, people have been asked to take all precautionary measures to prevent any water-borne and other infectious diseases. A special survey was done recently in Maharashtra where the condition of 14,000 households affected by the flood was examined. Around 1, […]

Know how to safeguard your child this monsoon

Rain has created havoc in Mumbai, and illness in children also begins to increase during this time as they are suddenly exposed to a huge fluctuation in the temperature and humidity and thus a considerably larger number of germs that the body has to fight against

Know how to safeguard your child this monsoonExperts are witnessing cases of viral fever, dengue, malaria, diarrhoea and respiratory infections in children, and have also warned that even leptospirosis cases may come up. Hence, experts suggest parents to take care of children by making the house mosquito-proof, ensuring adequate hydration, giving them boiled water, and avoid eating street food. Mumbai may come […]

‘Keep your kids healthy this monsoon’

This monsoon, let’s go an extra mile to make sure that children eat and stay healthy and enjoy the season to the fullest

‘Keep your kids healthy this monsoon’  Monsoon brings along with it the shower of happiness and joy. At the same time, it can also lead to health problems like cold, cough, fever, gastroenteritis, jaundice, diarrhoea, malaria and so on. Do not allow children to play in the puddle, as there can be a risk of leptospirosis. Use mosquito repellents, creams […]

Tackling common illnesses in monsoon

Dr Upasana Sharma, Head, Emergency and Trauma, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, shares her insights about the monsoon-related ailments, its symptoms, and its prevention

Tackling common illnesses in monsoonEnjoying the first showers of the season, eating at roadside stalls, and playing in puddles, is how many of us wish to be associated with the monsoon. However, it is a busy time for doctors, as the season brings with it a multitude of illnesses; Prompt examination and treatment is of utmost importance. It is […]

Kidney failure: Why monsoons are a critical period

Dr Ajit Kumar Singh, a Nephrologist from NephroPlus Dialysis centre, Purnea, Cooch Behar & Siliguri, shares how kidneys are vital and it can play a crucial role in monsoon

Kidney failure: Why monsoons are a critical periodThe kidneys play a vital role in the functioning of our body as they act as a filter and strain out waste products which are harmful to the system. They also help in maintaining blood pressure and in the production of red cells, which are crucial for our body to function normally. The monsoons bring […]

Experts underline the importance of flu vaccination with the onset of monsoon

Some health issues are unique to seasons. Respiratory infections peak in the rainy season and in the late winter in India. The flu is often behind such infections. Moreover, because the viruses that cause the flu constantly change, the best way to protect yourself is a flu shot. But low awareness and misconceptions are preventing people from getting the shot. Experts underline different myths surrounding flu shots and also why the flu shot is necessary.

Experts underline the importance of flu vaccination with the onset of monsoonMyth 1: Getting the flu shot will give you the flu  The flu shot cannot give you the flu. However, after getting a flu shot, some people may have soreness at the site of injection and even a mild fever, but that is just the result of the bodybuilding an immune response to the vaccine […]
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