Pune: Marathi play focusing on menopause to be screened soon

Menopause is a natural biological process. Each woman goes through it in her lifetime. It is the time that marks the end of your menstrual cycles. It's diagnosed after you've gone 12 months without a menstrual period. It occurs happens because the woman’s ovaries cease to function causing a series of hormonal changes in her body. One shouldn’t be ashamed or anxious about it, it is completely normal

Pune: Marathi play focusing on menopause to be screened soonWhile topics like menopause are hardly spoken about in Indian society, a Marathi theatre will soon present a play named ‘menopause’. Its first screening will be arranged on January 25 in Pune. Niteen Kumar, writer and director of the play, explained about the purpose of the play and what will it convey. He mentioned that: […]

Can breastfeeding provide 100% contraception?

Breastfeeding does acts as a method of birth control. This is due to the LAM idea meaning Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM). While ‘lactational’ refers to breastfeeding, ‘amenorrhea’ means not being able to menstruate. This means that when you feed your baby breast milk, you do not ovulate, and when you do not ovulate, you don’t have chances to get pregnant

Can breastfeeding provide 100% contraception?There is no doubt that breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for a newborn. Infection rates are lower as mother’s milk is rich in antibodies. Importantly, breastfeeding enhances the bond between mother and the child. We are also aware that breastfeeding is equally beneficial to the mother as it decreases the chances of post-partum […]

Know how menstruation affects your oral hygiene

Menstruation gingivitis is a common oral problem women go through. It occurs due to hormonal fluctuations during the course of menstruation or before. Further gingivitis can also make you fall prey to periodontitis (tooth mobility)

Know how menstruation affects your oral hygieneThe surge in the production of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone that occurs during menstruation increases the blood flow to the gums. In this process the gum tissues become red, soft, swollen and tender, further leading to conditions like bad breath, bleeding gums, bleeding while tooth brushing, gingival pain and discomfort while chewing hard foods. This condition is experienced one […]

Menstrual hygiene: Mumbai docs distribute free sanitary pads to rural women

There is little awareness about menstrual hygiene and sanitary pads in the rural areas. In order address this doctors distributed sanitary napkins free of cost to rural women on Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s death anniversary. Doctors chose this day as a number of women from rural areas visit Mumbai to pay tribute to Dr Ambedkar

Menstrual hygiene: Mumbai docs distribute free sanitary pads to rural womenWomen in the remote rural areas generally don’t speak on the subject of menstruation. They aren’t aware about menstrual hygiene and the use of sanitary pads. Women living in villages still use old sarees, towels and napkins while menstruating. Hence, in order to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene, doctors from Mumbai distributed free sanitary pad […]

Medical students bust myths related to menstrual hygiene

Medical students from KJ Somaiya Hospital, KEM hospital as well as LTMG Medical College in Sion conducted an event named ‘Periodoubt’ on November 20 to teach students from a local municipal school about menstrual hygiene

Medical students bust myths related to menstrual hygiene“I was astonished at the sheer ignorance among girls regarding menstrual hygiene. Most of them had not even spoken to their mothers about their periods. It is very important to solve any queries related to menstrual hygiene as it is very imperative in a woman’s life,” said Sejal Grover, a second-year MBBS student from Sion […]

Menstruation: Maha to conduct awareness campaign in schools

School girls avoid going to school during their periods. In order to reduce the absentees and remove the misconceptions related to menstrual cycle, schools will be creating the awareness regarding the same. The program will be implemented in all higher primary schools and the other schools in the state

Menstruation: Maha to conduct awareness campaign in schoolsThe School Education and Sports Department has now taken an important decision to implement the menstruation management program in the schools and will be implemented under the ‘Clean India, Clean School’ campaign. According to a survey conducted by the UNICEF a few days ago, in Maharashtra, only 13 percent of girls in the age group […]

What prohibits women from donating blood?

Doctors have cited low haemoglobin levels as one of the prime reasons that women have been turned away from blood donation camps. According to experts, women should have a minimum haemoglobin count of 12g/dl (grams per decilitre) and must weigh at least 50 kgs

What prohibits women from donating blood?Apurva Jagtap is a 25-year-old professional architect in Mumbai. In spite of having a strong will to donate blood, she hasn’t been able to do it. “I have been trying to donate blood since my college days but I couldn’t do it. Whenever I visited a blood donation camp I was not accepted as a […]

Is your period pain worrying you? Here’s a quick guide to ease it

Period pain is common and a normal part of the menstrual cycle. Most women experience it at some point in their lives. Menstrual cramps known as dysmenorrhea or period pains ranges from dull and annoying to severe and extreme. Women in every age group, suffer it, just the causes vary, say doctors

Is your period pain worrying you? Here’s a quick guide to ease itDysmenorrhea can be literally translated as difficult monthly flow. Although it’s normal for most women to have mild abdominal cramps on the first day or two of their period, almost everyone suffers it. Medication can be taken, if the pain is severe said doctors. Dr Niranjan Chavan, Professor, Gynaecology Department at LTMG (Sion) Hospital said, “Painful […]

First day of your period? Take a day off

The first day of period is uncomfortable for women. Working with menstrual congestion or pain is the most annoying thing for a woman. Considering this two leading corporates have taken an initiative to give the first day of periods for women as a paid leave

First day of your period? Take a day offThe month of July will be a special for the female employees of Culture Machine Media Pvt Ltd, a media start-up  based in Mumbai. As it has taken up an initiative to grant paid-leave to women on the first day of their periods. “First day of period is uncomfortable for women. It is a reality […]

Menstrual hygiene in India is gaining prominence

Efforts by the media, sex education in schools and increasing exposure is leading to prominence in menstrual hygiene among women

Menstrual hygiene in India is gaining prominenceIn an on-going campaign titled, ‘For Every Child’ by UNICEF, the organisation has picked up specific causes and is promoting them. Let’s take the case of the 21-year-old Reema Kumari, the face of menstrual hygiene for the on-going campaign. She is an aspiring singer and instructor on menstrual education. Given that,Kumari has done  a lot […]
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