Latur’s Pad Women: Healthy, secure womanhood is every woman’s right

It was around six years ago, she came across the sadist and the scariest reality of menstruation in rural India. Women were not aware about menstrual hygiene and had a very little knowledge about it. And there still was taboo associated about openly speaking about menstruation

Latur’s Pad Women: Healthy, secure womanhood is every woman’s rightThe harsh reality she came across was that of cervical cancer. In Azusa taluka, Latur, Maharashtra, around 6,000 women were suffering from cervical cancer. The grim reality which she witnessed with her own eyes shook her from top to bottom. The ideal of womanhood, which she held, came crushing down in front of her eyes. […]

Know about the top 5 illnesses which affect women

Women and men share most of the common illnesses; but there are few distinctions that set them apart from each other. The health of a woman can be differentiated and deserves special attention. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, doctors elaborate on the five common illnesses witnessed largely in women

Know about the top 5 illnesses which affect womenMenstrual Irregularities These can have various presentations right from puberty to menopause. Periods may be prolonged, heavy, scanty, delayed or frequent. Often, this can be physiological; however, it is important to rule out any underlying medical cause. In young adolescent girls, the cause of an irregular bleeding pattern could be a polycystic ovarian disease, thyroid […]

Maha: Soon, sanitary napkin vending machine to be installed in women jails

The Maharashtra Women's Commission says, within a month's time, they will install sanitary napkin vending machines in jails at Byculla, Thane, Kalyan, Pune, Amaravati, Aurangabad and Chandrapur

Maha: Soon, sanitary napkin vending machine to be installed in women jailsThe Maharashtra Women Commission will soon install sanitary napkin vending machines in nine jails, where women prisoners are undergoing the sentence. To make sure that the women prisoners have good hygiene, the Women Commission has taken this decision to install the vending machines and the incinerators. After the inspection of hygiene standards inside the jails, […]

#MenstrualHygieneDay: Tips every girl and woman should follow

Feminine hygiene has an impact on the overall health; feminine hygiene needs to be observed stringently especially during menstruation. With a lot of discussions on GST being imposed on sanitary pads, we look at what other things are important in maintaining hygiene for women

#MenstrualHygieneDay: Tips every girl and woman should followMost women would believe that the only product to maintain hygiene for them during periods is a sanitary napkin or tampon. In our listicle, we look at products that can be used to maintain menstrual hygiene. When we talk about menstrual hygiene, we focus on treating vaginal discharge, infections, odour and itch issues etc. related […]

Can breastfeeding provide 100% contraception?

Breastfeeding does acts as a method of birth control. This is due to the LAM idea meaning Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM). While ‘lactational’ refers to breastfeeding, ‘amenorrhea’ means not being able to menstruate. This means that when you feed your baby breast milk, you do not ovulate, and when you do not ovulate, you don’t have chances to get pregnant

Can breastfeeding provide 100% contraception?There is no doubt that breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for a newborn. Infection rates are lower as mother’s milk is rich in antibodies. Importantly, breastfeeding enhances the bond between mother and the child. We are also aware that breastfeeding is equally beneficial to the mother as it decreases the chances of post-partum […]

Understanding endometriosis and its impact on women’s health

The most severe painful periods in women occur due to a condition called endometriosis. Though it is a benign condition, it can behave like a cancer. It spreads its tentacles from the ovaries to the pelvis and can go further to invade the bowel, the bladder, the uterus, scars in the abdomen wall and sometimes travels even beyond the pelvis and the abdomen into the chest

Understanding endometriosis and its impact on women’s healthWhat is endometriosis? It is simply the invasion of the endometrium (inner lining of the uterus) into spaces where endometrium is normally not found. It responds to the hormones in the body in a similar way as the endometrium responds. Every month, the endometrium within the uterus grows thicker in response to the rising hormones […]

Menstrual hygiene: Tee Foundation adopts 52 BMC schools

At an event organised in Mumbai today, BJP MLA Bharti Lavekar's 'Tee Foundation' foundation has adopted 52 BMC schools in Mumbai with an aim to promote menstrual hygiene and sanitation. Girls from these schools generally come from a poor background and have difficulty in accessing sanitary napkins

Menstrual hygiene: Tee Foundation adopts 52 BMC schoolsAs part of the initiative 10 sanitary napkins to each school girl per month 3,000 girls will be benefit from these free sanitary napkins each month Also, as disposal is a major issue and a disposable pouch will also be given to the girls. MLA Bharti Lavekar had started a first sanitary napkin bank in […]

Zareen Khan creates awareness about menstrual hygiene

Menstruation is one of the vital processes of a woman's body which deserves utmost caution and self-care.Recently, in order to create awareness about menstrual hygiene. Actor Zareen Khan highlighted the important factors related to menstrual hygiene

Zareen Khan creates awareness about menstrual hygiene  Many girls and women face challenges with managing their periods safely. In addition to persisting taboos, women and girls’ capacity to manage their periods is affected by a number of other factors, including limited access to affordable and hygienic sanitary materials and disposal options leaving many to manage their periods in ineffective, uncomfortable and […]

#Right2Rest: MP’s discuss Menstruation Benefit Bill

Ninong Ering, a Lok Sabha Member of Parliament from Arunachal Pradesh, had earlier moved private members’ Bill, ‘the Menstruation Benefit Bill, 2017’, which had proposed that women working in the public and private sectors get two days of paid menstrual leave every month. The Bill also seeks to provide better facilities for rest at the workplace during menstruation

#Right2Rest: MP’s discuss Menstruation Benefit BillToday, the Congress MP called on a roundtable discussion of Members of Parliament (MPs) across all party lines to talk about the bill. NCP MP Supriya Sule, BJP MP Dr Sanjay Jaiswal, Trinamool Congress MP Saugata Roy and Congress MP Sushmita Dev were present at the meeting. Menstruation Benefits bill is aimed at providing 2 days menstrual […]

Meet a sarpanch from Nashik, who is known as ‘Padwoman’

In order to promote menstrual hygiene and make sanitary napkins accessible for women, Ujjwala Devre, a sarpanch of a village named Karanjad in Nashik, inaugurated a sanitary napkin vending machine. Owing to which, adolescent’s girls and women will now be able to get sanitary pads at an affordable price

Meet a sarpanch from Nashik, who is known as ‘Padwoman’62% young women in the country in the age group 15 to 24 years use cloth for menstrual protection. 48% of those surveyed in rural India used sanitary napkins during their menstrual cycle 78% of women use sanitary pads in urban parts of the country 42% women use sanitary napkins. 16% use locally prepared napkins. […]
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