#Oscar2019: ‘Period, End of Sentence’ documentary on #menstruation awareness wins Oscar

'Period, End of Sentence' a documentary set in India, based on the taboo around menstruation has created history. The short film has won the prestigious Oscar Award in the short documentary category

#Oscar2019: ‘Period, End of Sentence’ documentary on #menstruation awareness wins Oscar‘Period, End of Sentence’ a documentary which revolves around the issue of menstruation, has won the best documentary award at the Oscar’s  The 91st Acadamy Awards were presented on February 24, in a grand ceremony  The documentary has been produced by Gurmeet Monga and has been directed by Award-winning Iranian-Ameria Director Rayka Zehtabchi In India, especially […]

Know about the top 5 illnesses which affect women

Women and men share most of the common illnesses; but there are few distinctions that set them apart from each other. The health of a woman can be differentiated and deserves special attention. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, doctors elaborate on the five common illnesses witnessed largely in women

Know about the top 5 illnesses which affect womenMenstrual Irregularities These can have various presentations right from puberty to menopause. Periods may be prolonged, heavy, scanty, delayed or frequent. Often, this can be physiological; however, it is important to rule out any underlying medical cause. In young adolescent girls, the cause of an irregular bleeding pattern could be a polycystic ovarian disease, thyroid […]

Premature ovarian failure tied to premature menopause

Changing lifestyle is one of the major reasons for premature ovarian failure which can also lead to premature menopause in women at a very early age, stated the Pune doctors. Also, the doctors are witnessing a rise in the cases of ovarian failure because of the changing lifestyle. Apart from the inability to conceive a child naturally, women suffering from pre-mature menopause are at a high risk of osteoporosis, dementia and heart related issues

Premature ovarian failure tied to premature menopauseIn Premature ovarian failure (POF) cases, women as young as 30-years-old face menopausal symptoms. POF is a condition where there is a physiological decrease in the number of eggs at a younger age. Lifestyle changes such as smoking, previous ovarian surgeries, anticancer therapies and familial POF are some of the reasons for low ovarian reserve […]