Five steps to help you sleep better

The amount of sleep you need changes as you age, but generally, adults need between 7 and 9 hours of good quality sleep per day. Sleep plays a significant role in your health and well-being as well as protecting your physical health, mental health, quality of life, and safety

Five steps to help you sleep betterDo you have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep? You are not alone. In actual fact, two thirds of adults in the United States are also unable to clock up the recommended hours. Here are our top tips to help you to sleep well and feel wide awake the next day. Sleep can be […]

#WorldHeartDay: 5 healthy heart tips

Lack of exercise, a poor diet and other unhealthy habits can take their toll over the years. Dr Nihar Mehta, consultant cardiologist at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai, gives 5 simple steps to look after your heart

#WorldHeartDay: 5 healthy heart tipsIndia has rapidly become the capital of metabolic diseases over the globe.This term encompasses a combination of ‘high’ – body weight, blood pressure, blood sugars and blood cholesterol, a disease of excess. These metabolic diseases lead to heart diseases like heart attacks, heart failure and fluctuations in heart rate (arrhythmia), said Dr Nihar Mehta, consultant […]

Know about the physical benefits of yoga

Yoga promotes physical health in multiple different ways. Some of them derive from better stress management. Others come more directly from the physical movements and postures in yoga, which help promote flexibility and reduce joint pain

Know about the physical benefits of yoga  Following are some of the physical benefits of yoga that have a growing body of research behind them. In addition to the conditions listed below, preliminary research also shows that yoga may help with migraines, osteoporosis, balance and mobility issues, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, fibromyalgia, and ADHD. Back pain relief Back pain is […]

#DoctorsDay: A 6-step plan to help doctors deal with occupational stress

On the occasion of doctor’s day, here are a few factors contributing to a doctor’s stressful life along with an expert plan for stress relief

#DoctorsDay: A 6-step plan to help doctors deal with occupational stressAll over the world, individuals are generally advised to speak to a doctor when stress-related issues feel too challenging, and rightly so. Doctors are trained to understand the causes and effects of stress which enables them to point us to health resources for stress management. While they may be quite adept at managing their own […]

Pune: B. J. Medical College organises event to raise awareness on vitiligo

On Tuesday, June 25, the Department of Skin and Venereal Disease, B.J. Govt. Medical College, Pune observed World Vitiligo Day by organising a public awareness program under the guidance of Dr Sudhir Nanandkar, dean of Sassoon Hospital

Pune: B. J. Medical College organises event to raise awareness on vitiligoDuring this event Dr Muralidhar Tambe, Deputy dean, enlightened the audience regarding the cosmetic importance of this disease and the need for further awareness in the society about this disease. Dr Arun Kowale, spoke about the origin of this day and the history behind the celebration of this day and implored the gathered people comprising […]

#WorldVitiligoDay: Tips to help vitiligo patients care for their skin

Millions of people worldwide have vitiligo, a condition that causes the skin to lose its natural colour, resulting in patches of light skin. Although the white or light patches do not typically cause other symptoms, the condition can cause low self-esteem and depression in patients - of whom nearly half develop vitiligo before the age of 21

#WorldVitiligoDay: Tips to help vitiligo patients care for their skinAlthough there is no cure for vitiligo, dermatologists from the American Academy of Dermatology say there is a lot patients can do at home to make vitiligo less visible and help prevent the condition from spreading. “Many people with vitiligo do not have any other signs or symptoms and feel completely healthy,” says board-certified dermatologist […]

How yoga may enhance heart health

In addition to boosting fitness and easing stress, yoga may also help you embrace a healthier lifestyle

How yoga may enhance heart healthMany people think of yoga mainly as an activity that promotes flexibility and balance. But this ancient tradition also includes breathing exercises, relaxation, and meditation. Together, these practices can lead to measurable improvements in factors connected with cardiovascular health, such as lower blood pressure, better sleep, and less artery-damaging inflammation. “There are four distinct but […]

#InternationalYogaDay: Regular yoga practice linked to reduced blood pressure

Adults who practice yoga with breathing and relaxation exercises at least three times a week may have lower blood pressure than people who don’t, a research review suggests

#InternationalYogaDay: Regular yoga practice linked to reduced blood pressureFor the study, researchers analysed data from 49 trials with a total of 3,517 participants who were typically middle-aged, overweight women and men who already had high blood pressure or were close to developing the condition. These smaller trials assessed blood pressure before and after participants were randomly assigned either to doing yoga or to […]

#YogaDay2019: Yoga may help ease mood disorders in Parkinson’s patients, finds study

People with Parkinson’s disease may have less anxiety and depression when they practice yoga focused on mindfulness and breathing exercises, a small experiment suggests

#YogaDay2019: Yoga may help ease mood disorders in Parkinson’s patients, finds studyParkinson’s disease is one of the most common chronic neurodegenerative diseases. Classic motor symptoms include tremors, rigidity, slowed movements, and postural instability – but patients with Parkinson’s can also experience a variety of cognitive problems as well as psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety, researchers note in JAMA Neurology. For the study, researchers randomly assigned […]

Seniors who feel their life has purpose may live longer, finds study

Seniors who feel their life has purpose may be less likely to die from heart, circulatory and digestive diseases and more likely to live longer, new data suggest

Seniors who feel their life has purpose may live longer, finds studyIn a study that followed nearly 7,000 people over age 50 for more than a decade, researchers determined that people were more likely to die at a younger age if they felt their lives had little purpose, according to the report published in JAMA Network Open. “We found a strong association between life purpose and […]
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