NPPA recovers Rs 827 crore from pharma companies

Since inception of NPPA till February 2018, 1,763 demand notices (including suo-moto deposits) have been issued to pharmaceutical companies for their having overcharged patients on the sale of formulations at prices above the ceiling price notified by NPPA

NPPA recovers Rs 827 crore from pharma companiesThe National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) monitors the prices of scheduled and non-scheduled formulations on regular basis. It also keeps a check on pharmaceutical companies who overcharge consumers. When such instances occur the NPPA issues notices to the companies responsible for overcharging Recently information was divulged in the Lok Sabha, about pharmaceutical companies overcharging consumers […]

Switching medications? Consult a doctor

As per a recent study, none of the five most commonly prescribed diabetes pills in India that combine metformin with other medicines have gone through rigorous testing meeting standards laid out by the WHO. It suggests that Indian patients taking these combinations should discuss with their clinicians before making a switching to a different agent

Switching medications? Consult a doctorAbout 8 months ago, Lekha Shah (name changed) was given medicines to control her heart beat which was unusually fast. However after many dosages, the heartbeat couldn’t be controlled. That’s when the doctor grew puzzled. “A detailed check-up revealed that the pharmacist gave her a wrong drug by misreading the name of the medicine. This […]

Scientists discover a new method to overcome type 2 diabetes

cientists have discovered that the medication Lorcaserin acts in the brain to improve type 2 diabetes by modifying the activity of neurones that help to regulate blood glucose levels

Scientists discover a new method to overcome type 2 diabetesMedication currently being used to treat obesity is also proving to have significant health benefits for patients with type 2 diabetes. A new study published today in Molecular Metabolism explains how this therapeutic benefit for type 2 diabetes is achieved by acting in our brain. Scientists from the University of Aberdeen Rowett Institute, in collaboration […]

Multi-vitamin supplements: Do you really need it?

One of the questions that we are all constantly asked by people is – are multi-vitamin supplements really good for us or are they just overrated?

Multi-vitamin supplements: Do you really need it?There is no right or wrong answer to this question, to be honest, so I decided to list out these common lifestyle reasons that shows us missing out on valuable nutrients: Many of us tend to overcook food, either by using too much oil or by reducing vegetables to a pulp, which is then over-seasoned […]

World Antibiotic Awareness Week: Do not self-medicate, warn doctors

It is important that the patients understand, that chemists are not allowed to dispense medications like antibiotics, pain relief medications, anxiolytics etc. without a doctor’s prescription. The reason is that chemists may have an understanding of the drug and its actions, but lack the clinical skills and lack understanding of the effects of a particular drug on the body

World Antibiotic Awareness Week: Do not self-medicate, warn doctorsWith the winter approaching, self-medication becomes a major concern for doctors. Often it is the friendly chemist, friend or patient themselves who suggest self-medicating based on the common symptoms. Needless to say it is completely inappropriate to take medications without a proper medical consultation. For one, most of the winter illness are mild illness, caused […]

Don’t neglect your first born, warn experts

Parents love their children equally. But do the parents take care of all children equally? But, if the first child is neglected due to the second one, it can affect him

Don’t neglect your first born, warn expertsThis issue was highlighted after a 25-year-old girl, who was in Mumbai for her education. Mithila D’Souza (25) (name changed) was brought up in Singapore. She had to shoulder her younger sisters’ responsibility since the age of 9. As her parents were busy, Mithila had to play the role of their mother. The tender age at […]

‘Let a person die with dignity’, say palliative care experts

Yesteryear’s super hit movie, ‘Anand’ grabbed eyeballs for its portrayal of characters and unique presentation of death- acceptance. Anand, is a cancer patient who doesn’t wish to confine to bed in his final days and wished to die peacefully. That is the kind of life that palliative care tries to advocate, to help the person to be bereft of pain and suffering. However, the experts say that we are poorly prepared, in case of palliative care

‘Let a person die with dignity’, say palliative care expertsFor the 83-year-old, Nitin Kumar (name changed) his family was everything. Like anybody in that age, he had started feeling more breathless and came to the doctors with the complaint of heart ailments. Kumar had a severe heart disease which took a toll on his kidney. Kumar’s family approached the palliative care unit at Hinduja […]

Are doctors diagnosing too much and prescribing too often?

This has been a question asked frequently in medical circles of many countries

Are doctors diagnosing too much and prescribing too often?The issue does not just focus on doctors. Patients have responsibilities too. Excessive demands for unnecessary treatments are getting out of hand, feel some medics. Researching conditions and diseases on the Internet can lead to patients putting pressure on doctors to agree to interventions. With the finances of the National Health Service (NHS), UK, under […]

Can DNA testing help determine the best medications for you?

Pharmacogenomic testing can be informative and can help caregivers and patients make safer decisions. However, promoting pharmacogenomic testing with application to only one disease state or with questionable testing practices can cause more harm than good

Can DNA testing help determine the best medications for you?The saying “if it seems too good to be true, it likely is” applies to so many things in life. As the director of the Clinical Pharmacogenomics Service at Boston Children’s Hospital, I spend a significant amount of time discussing what pharmacogenomics testing cannot tell us. I am sure you are wondering why I would […]