#RoadSafetyWeek: Importance of emergency care post an accident

Dr Shweta Manohar, Head of Emergency and Trauma, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, explains why it is crucial to undergo a medical check-up post-accident

#RoadSafetyWeek: Importance of emergency care post an accidentEvery year January 11 to 17, ‘Road Safety Week’ is observed, and it focuses on interventions made year-on-year to bring down road traffic accidents. The theme for this year is ‘Sadak Suraksha , Jeevan Raksha’. Generally, the first observation following a road traffic accident (RTA), especially, a -impact one, is that the motorists and pedestrians, […]

Meet a doctor who treats homeless for free

Dr Abhijeet Sonawane who works for the homeless and beggars, believes that only medicines alone cannot cure a disease. Care and mental support plays a vital role in boosting a person’s will power to get better and live a healthy life

Meet a doctor who treats homeless for freeIn most cases it is we who go to visit a doctor when we are unwell, but a doctor in Pune is providing free medical treatment to homeless and beggars which is something unique to help people in need of medical help. In Indian society, we regard doctors at saviours; this doctor visits religious places […]