My name is ‘Lalit Salve’

After Lalita's transformation into Lalit Salve. Lalit will have to be hospitalised in St George hospital for about two weeks. Doctors say second surgery will be done after six months. But, Lalita says, 'Now call me Lalit. The identity which was hidden for the past several years

My name is ‘Lalit Salve’“My name is Lalit Salve, I am feeling very happy now. I have my own identity,” says Lalita Salve after accepting her new-found identity which lay hidden away all these years. On Friday, May 25, after her first sex-change surgery, Lalita has been successfully transformed into Lalit. Lalita was struggling to reclaim her hidden identity […]

First surgery successful in Lalita’s transformation into ‘Lalit’

On Friday, May 25, Lalita Salve, a police constable from Beed, Maharashtra, went under the knife to get reclaim her chosen identity

First surgery successful in Lalita’s transformation into ‘Lalit’A team of eight doctors attached to Mumbai’s state-run St George Hospital, have performed the first surgery on Lalita. Doctors have removed her breast and ovaries. They have also inserted a tube in her urinary bladders so that she can urinate like a man. The procedure lasted for three hours. The doctors said that Lalita […]