Dawn phenomenon: Ways to control high morning blood sugars

Dawn phenomenon is a normal rise in blood sugar released by the liver. The release happens as the person's body is preparing to wake for the day. The rise in blood sugar is normally handled with insulin. But, so is not the case in diabetics

Dawn phenomenon: Ways to control high morning blood sugarsThe normal, natural rise in blood sugar that occurs in early morning hours, between roughly 4 and 8 am is called as the dawn phenomenon. Blood sugar levels change as a result of hormonal changes in the body. All people experience this phenomenon to one level or another and it can vary day by day. […]

Follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes

Today, the incidences of diabetes are increasing. It is attributed to our stressful lifestyles, lack of exercise, poor diet and sleep. Genetic predisposition also plays a role especially in those patients developing the disease at a younger age (<30 years) when both the parents are diabetics

Follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetesGestational diabetes (occurring in last trimester of pregnancy) and type 1 diabetes (autoimmune or insulin dependent diabetes) are 2 separate entities forming a small portion of patients suffering from diabetes. Management Comprises of: Dietary modifications: Eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables and limited amount of fat and refined sugars. Eating the right portions, avoiding long […]