IMA redefines medical ethics

With the time, medical ethics are changing. Indian Medical Association (IMA) in its recently held conference in Kerala underlined the need to change and redefine medical ethics in the country

IMA redefines medical ethicsWhen the invasion of technology and advances in modern medicine has led to sea changes in the way patients are treated today, the guidelines regarding medical ethics have never been changed. It is for this very reason that IMA has come up with a document mentioning all the medical ethics that need to be adopted. […]

#HealthOfKerala: ‘For a moment, I felt that Kerala had drowned underwater’

Bharat Salunke says that he and his neighbours were shell-shocked as they did not expect the scale of devastation and life and loss of property would be so great. He said that they feared that they would die by drowning in the flood as the rain defied their expectations and was rapidly rising around them

#HealthOfKerala: ‘For a moment, I felt that Kerala had drowned underwater’“I had no idea had rained of for how long it had rained for, but the rain was continuously pouring outside and it just wouldn’t stop,” said Bharat Salunke, a 47-year-old man who was rescued from the second floor of his building by the authorities. He spoke how he felt that he and his neighbours […]

#HealthOfKerala: ‘Now I will have to rebuild my home, but how do I start?’

The devastating floods in Kerala have put its resident in extraordinary situations where there have lost virtually all that they ever had and owned. People are now struggling with basic necessities of daily life. Rebuilding a life from rock-bottom seems impossible at this moment in time

#HealthOfKerala: ‘Now I will have to rebuild my home, but how do I start?’“The rains have completely destroyed everything we had, our homes have gone, engulfed in the floodwaters, and now filled with muck. We have no clothes and it feels like everything has ended,” these are the words of Saraiamma, a 73-year-old woman from Aranmula, Pathanamthitta district. She lamented, “The torrential rains have finished taken everything we […]

#HealthOfKerala: Rehabilitation and public health a dual priority for Kerala

As efforts to restore essential services is going on parallel with relief and rescue in Kerala, it is important to take into the account the severity of the natural calamity which has battered the state. As the fear of that an outbreak of disease is eminent, the role of the doctor is crucial in helping citizens in this time of crisis

#HealthOfKerala: Rehabilitation and public health a dual priority for KeralaThe threat of disease is now a key concern, given the lack of clean drinking water. Animal carcasses and mosquitoes raise the risks. The health ministry has set up 3,700 medical camps across the state and put six specialised medical teams on standby. The issue of rehabilitation is another vital subject which is playing a […]

#HealthOfKerela: ‘This is the first time, I have come back to my home after the flood’

As floodwaters drained and rains let off across the state on Monday, lakhs of people confined to relief camps or who became homeless struggled to bring back some similarity of normalcy to their lives

#HealthOfKerela: ‘This is the first time, I have come back to my home after the flood’Kerala got some respite from rain on Monday but the state faces the huge task of rehabilitation. 223 deaths have been reported and 10.28 lakh people are staying in 3274 relief camps, of which more than one lakh are kids below 12 years of age People who returned to whatever remained of their house have […]

#HealthOfKerala: Doctors from Maha prepare strategy for medical relief mission

The team of 100 doctors from Maharashtra have spilt themselves into three groups to cover more ground. As night falls, the doctors have chalked out a plan for the medical relief mission for Tuesday morning

#HealthOfKerala: Doctors from Maha prepare strategy for medical relief missionThe doctors from Maharashtra will have a long day ahead of them on Tuesday, August 21 as they carry out their task of providing medical relief and examining the flood-affected people in the state. Kerala has witnessed its worst floods in nearly a century. As water begins to recede in certain parts of the state, […]

Indian Medical Association lends a helping hand to flood victims in Kerala

As Kerala is struggling to gain back normalcy, after the floods have overwhelmingly caused the loss of life and destruction of settlements. The Indian Medical Association has come forward to pitch in with the relief efforts in the coastal state

Indian Medical Association lends a helping hand to flood victims in KeralaIn view of great calamity in Kerala following unprecedented floods, Indian Medical Association (IMA), National Headquarters and IMA Kerala has made elaborate arrangements to help the flood vicitms. A national co-ordination committee has been formed under the chairmanship of Dr Vinay Agarwal and Dr A Marthanda Pillai, Past National Presidents who are co-ordinating the activities. […]

IMA asks doctors to avoid consultations on phone, Whatsapp

The Indian Medical Association, the largest body of allopathy doctors in India, has advised doctors to not prescribe medicines over the phone. The IMA has issued an advisory to all its members to refrain from having WhatsApp and telephonic consultations

IMA asks doctors to avoid consultations on phone, WhatsappThe IMA’s directives have come in the lieu of Bombay High Court’s order, where the court had not granted bail to a Ratnagiri based doctor couple, on the grounds that the doctor had committed a grave mistake by prescribing medicines over the phone Doctor, I am suffering from a stomach pain, can you suggest some […]

NMC Bill: ‘The struggle will continue,‘says IMA

The Indian Medical Association’s (IMA) call for action was responded very well to by doctors across the country today. The withdrawal of non-emergency services affected patients in almost all major states, especially in tier 2, 3, 4 cities and towns

NMC Bill: ‘The struggle will continue,‘says IMAIMA National President Dr Ravi Wankhedkar claimed moral victory over the government.  “IMA’s call against the NMC Bill has generated awareness in doctors community and understanding amongst common people.  Many ordinary people identified themselves with the cause for which the doctors were fighting. ‘The struggle will continue’,” Wankhedkar said. He added, “Actually withdrawal of non-emergency […]

IMA doctors to protest against NMC bill on Saturday

Doctors from the Indian Medical Association (IMA) will go on strike on Saturday, July 28 to protest against the National Medical Commission (NMC) bill

IMA doctors to protest against NMC bill on SaturdaySpeaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Parthiv Sanghvi, Maharashtra State Secretary, IMA, Said, “On Saturday, we will be organising a protest against the NMC bill. No doctor will work on this day, only emergency services will be provided. We are against the NMC bill as it is anti-poor, anti-people, non-representative, undemocratic and anti-federal in character.” […]
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