Beneficial yoga asanas for treating hypertension

According to a report published in Nature journal, Hypertension is directly responsible for 57% of all stroke deaths and 24% of all coronary heart disease deaths in India.

Beneficial yoga asanas for treating hypertensionHypertension – also known as high blood pressure. Blood vessels act as carriers of blood from the heart to other parts of the body. High blood pressure caused due to the force of blood pushing against the walls of vessels. High blood pressure can lead to heart attacks, strokes and death. High blood pressure is […]

Is ‘broken heart syndrome’ for real?

In this syndrome, a part of the heart muscle is suddenly weakened and the heart isn't pumping, becoming ineffective. However, the condition is usually treatable, and rarely fatal

Is ‘broken heart syndrome’ for real?The death of Debbie Reynolds just one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher passed away is a reminder of the crushing effect grief can have on the body. The 84-year-old Oscar-nominated performer reportedly suffered a stroke Wednesday. The official cause of death has not yet been disclosed. “She wanted to be with Carrie,” her son […]

Exercise can be as effective as medicine in lowering blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure, hitting the gym may be as helpful as taking drugs to lower your numbers, researchers say. There’s compelling evidence that combining endurance and dynamic resistance training was effective in reducing (blood pressure), according to the authors of a new report

Exercise can be as effective as medicine in lowering blood pressureFor people with high blood pressure, starting an exercise regimen may lower blood pressure by as much as taking medication would, a large analysis suggests. Researchers combined data from nearly 400 randomized trials that assessed the effects of blood pressure drugs or of exercise on blood pressure. They found that overall, each lowered blood pressure […]

What is the best time of the day to take hypertension medicine?

When people take their hypertension medications at bedtime, blood pressure is better controlled during the night and the risk of death or illness due to cardiovascular disease is significantly lowered, a new study suggests

What is the best time of the day to take hypertension medicine?Spanish researchers who followed nearly 20,000 patients for a median of six years found that patients who took their medications at bedtime cut their overall risk of dying from cardiovascular causes during the study nearly in half compared with those taking the drugs in the morning, according to a report in European Heart Journal. “The […]

7 mistakes that can affect your blood pressure reading

Learn what to avoid doing in order to not influence your blood pressure while it is being checked by your doctor

7 mistakes that can affect your blood pressure readingMum’s the word the next time you have your blood pressure checked. Talking while the cuff is on can boost your blood pressure reading. So can a full bladder or crossing your legs, the American Heart Association (AHA) says. “These simple things can make a difference in whether or not a person is classified as […]

‘Make every medical college a cancer treatment hub’

The rising number of cancer cases is a matter of great concern for the whole nation. The battle with Big C is no longer an individual’s; we need to stand united as a nation against it

‘Make every medical college a cancer treatment hub’Infrastructure, trained manpower, early detection and treatment and affordable medicines are the four vital limbs of cancer care. Health is a state subject, and if we want to make cancer care accessible to all, medical colleges across Maharashtra should be able to provide the same. They should be equipped with diagnostic and treatment facilities to […]

Debunked: 5 misconceptions related to high blood pressure

People tend to ignore their condition due to some myths about high blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension could lead to a range of health problems, such as stroke and heart disease. If left untreated, this condition could even cause death

Debunked: 5 misconceptions related to high blood pressureIncreased blood pressure can damage blood vessels, the heart and kidneys, among other organs. However, the risk of having hypertension remains unknown for many people despite a wide range of studies and medical warnings. In some cases, people tend to ignore their condition due to misinformation. To date, some myths are still widely thought to […]

6 natural remedies to help reduce blood pressure

Increasingly becoming common, high blood pressure is a condition that affects many and it can take a turn for the worse and become life-threatening if left unchecked

6 natural remedies to help reduce blood pressureUnfortunately, it’s often cast aside, and some people don’t even take their medication seriously. This puts a lot of people in greater risk of developing a heart problem down the line. But fret not, suffering from blood pressure doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll be stuck with meds all your life. In fact, with proper discipline, […]

Learn how to accurately take your blood pressure at home

There is now easier access to blood pressure monitoring devices but the timing and place still play an important role in readings

Learn how to accurately take your blood pressure at homeHigh blood pressure or hypertension is known as the “silent killer.” It can happen without any symptoms and eventually lead to serious complications, such as heart attack and stroke. People experience hypertension when the force against blood vessel walls significantly increases. Those who are inactive, overweight and with an unhealthy diet have high risk of […]

Here’s all you need to know about this diabetic-friendly vegetable

What is your favourite vegetable? Pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, green beans or else? Well, perhaps it is time for you to a bit broadening your knowledge about types of vegetables. Have you given a bite to tindora? Tindora is one of the vegetable commonly found as part of Indian cuisine but unfortunately, the health benefits of ivy gourd also known as tindora or tendli vegetable is not a piece of common knowledge yet

Here’s all you need to know about this diabetic-friendly vegetableIvy gourd is a plant grown in tropical climates that are used for food and medicinal purposes. There are different species of ivy gourd, including Coccinia indica, Coccinia cordifolia, and Coccinia grandis, which are often compared to bitter melon. In addition to being a staple of Indian, Indonesian, and Thai cuisines, the fruit is believed […]
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