Study links being underweight to early menopause

In the study, women with a body mass index (BMI) below 18.5 kilograms per square meter — at any age — were 30 per cent more likely to experience early menopause compared with women whose BMI was between 18.5 and 22.4 kilograms per square metre

Study links being underweight to early menopauseA large study of almost 80,000 women concludes that being underweight poses a risk of experiencing early menopause The researchers were led by Dr Kathleen Szegda — who, at the time of the study, was a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst — and the findings were published in the journal […]

Blood test can help target better treatment for prostate cancer

The drugs abiraterone and enzalutamide are given to men whose cancer are no longer responding to traditional hormone therapy and have started to spread. Though the researchers hope that the test could prevent thousands of men undergoing unnecessary treatment and for allow more personalised care, more tests are still needed

Blood test can help target better treatment for prostate cancerAfter analysing 265 blood samples of men with prostate cancer researchers from Europe found there are multiple copies of a particular gene did not respond to drugs commonly used to treat advanced cases of prostate cancer such as abiraterone and enzalutamide The researchers say more trials are needed but the team hope that the test […]