Here’s how to deal with sunstroke, know its symptoms and treatment

Heat stroke or sunstroke generally occurs when an individual has been too hot for too long, whether working, exercising, or simply sitting in a hot environment. If left untreated, damage to internal organs can occur. The longer it is left, the more serious heatstroke can become. In some cases, heatstroke can be fatal.  People who are more susceptible to heatstroke, include young people, older adults and overweight individuals

Here’s how to deal with sunstroke, know its symptoms and treatmentWhat is heat stroke? Heat stroke is a potentially serious medical condition where a person has become so hot that their body can’t cool down and their temperature gets dangerously high. Sunstroke is a form of heat stroke caused by being exposed to harsh sunlight. Although it normally affects people during a heat wave it […]

Guidelines to beat heat exhaustion, sunburn

Dr Farah Ingale, Internal Medicine Specialist, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, and Dr Sanjay Shah, a Consultant Physician & Internist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, share their insights on how to tackle this scorching heat and stay safe

Guidelines to beat heat exhaustion, sunburnThe Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) recently issued a heat wave warning in north Maharashtra, and the maximum temperature reached closer to 41 degrees Celsius, Mumbaikar’s must be equipped to tackle the scorching heat. While most people prefer to stay indoors when the sun is at the top, many are forced to step outside for various […]

What to do during a heatstroke and how to prevent it

With the hottest season of the year in progress, Mumbaikar’s are bracing themselves to deal with the extremities that summer brings. Although, it’s a great time for a range of activities, like sports, vacation time etc., summer brings along several health problems. Number one on that list is the probability of experiencing a ‘heatstroke’

What to do during a heatstroke and how to prevent itWhat is a heatstroke? A heatstroke is a result of prolonged exposure to extremely high temperatures, and is earmarked as a medical emergency. Usually combined with dehydration, this ultimately leads to a failure of the body’s temperature control system. The core body temperature stretches farther than 40 degrees Celsius, which is a hallmark symptom of […]