Want a healthy heart, pursue higher education

A genetic tendency to obtain more education was also linked with lower odds of smoking, being overweight and having unhealthy levels of blood fats, which could help explain the connection between more schooling and heart disease risk

Want a healthy heart, pursue higher educationHigher education has been linked to better jobs, greater pay and, now, even a healthier heart. People who spend more years in school have a lower risk for heart disease, according to an international team of researchers from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, University College London, and the University of Oxford in England. “Increasing […]

7 health benefits of garlic

The body-strengthening effects of garlic are thought to be due to its active ingredient allicin. This is what gives garlic its distinctive taste and smell. Whether you take your garlic powdered, salted, or minced or in supplement form, you can reap the surprising benefits of this multipurpose herb for optimal health

7 health benefits of garlicGarlic does more than just invigorate your palate and ward off vampires; it’s also a smelly super food health aid. The spice is a highly nutritious vegetable with very few calories, containing trace amounts of other nutrients that contribute to its universal status of a powerful, beneficial healer. The natural medicinal ingredient, both as a […]

Middle-aged tooth loss linked to increased heart disease risk

People who lose two or more teeth during middle age may be more likely to develop heart disease, scientists have found. A study of nearly 61,000 adults aged between 45 and 69 showed those who lost two or more teeth had a higher chance of developing coronary heart disease than those who didn't lose any teeth

Middle-aged tooth loss linked to increased heart disease riskLosing two or more natural teeth in middle age may signal an increased risk for coronary heart disease, a U.S. study suggests. “In addition to other established associations between dental health and risk of disease, our findings suggest that middle-aged adults who have lost two or more teeth in recent past could be at increased […]

Low sperm count tied to poor health, increased risk of illness

The study found more of the men with low sperm counts had metabolic syndrome - a cluster of risk factors including a higher body mass index (BMI) and raised blood pressure. These increase the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and stroke 

Low sperm count tied to poor health, increased risk of illnessIn the largest ever study of sperm quality, reproductive function and metabolic risk; experts suggest that men with low sperm counts are likely to have numerous co-existing health problems. The new research was presented Sunday, March 18, at ENDO 2018: The Endocrine Society’s 100th Annual Meeting and Expo in Chicago. “Our study clearly shows that […]

Consuming coconut oil can lower heart disease risk

Researchers found that consuming it for just 4 weeks can lower risk of heart disease. The participants who ate coconut oil in the study saw the biggest rise in good cholesterol (HDL levels) with an average of 15%

Consuming coconut oil can lower heart disease riskConsuming coconut oil daily for just four weeks may lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, suggests a recent study. Researchers Kay-Tee Khaw and Professor Nita Forouhi from the University of Cambridge conducted the study on 94 volunteers between the ages of 50 and 75, none of whom had a history of heart disease […]

Teen mother at a higher risk of heart disease, suggests new study

Women who participated in the study came from five very different study sites. Researchers observed a relatively consistent association in which early childbearing was associated with greater cardiovascular disease risk across these study sites, which supports the validity of the results 

Teen mother at a higher risk of heart disease, suggests new studyThe new study was led by Catherine Pirkle, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Office of Public Health Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu. The first author of the paper is Nicole Rosendaal. Prof. Pirkle and her team examined the data available on 1,047 women from the 2012 International Mobility in […]

Women at a higher risk of heart disease post menopause

After menopause, there is a risk of increase in cardiac disease as the protection offered by estrogen declines. At the age of 50 years more than 50 per cent of the deaths occur in women, due to problems related to cardiac health

Women at a higher risk of heart disease post menopauseCardiovascular health has had its fair share of exposure. People have heard of it, even if they haven’t undergone a procedure personally. However, when it comes to women symptoms become more evident after the onset of menopause. While heart disease is considered as a man’s disease, globally it claims more lives among women than men. […]

Early menopause linked with heart disease and stroke risk

Women undergoing natural menopause before the age of 47 were found to have a greater risk of problems than those experiencing it later, being at a 33% higher risk of cardiovascular disease, with an increased risk of both coronary heart disease and stroke

Early menopause linked with heart disease and stroke riskWomen who go through early menopause are at higher risk of heart disease and stroke, research suggests. A study led by the University of Oxford also found a strong link women’s reproductive health and her risk of cardiovascular problems. Women who began their periods early, or who had pregnancy complications such as stillbirth, or who […]

Health benefits of cycling

Whether it's to boost your fitness, health or bank balance, or as an environmental choice, taking up bicycle riding could be one of the best decisions you ever make

Health benefits of cyclingPeople who routinely commute via bike or cycle for pleasure have a slightly lower risk of heart disease than nonbikers, two new studies suggest. One study, in the Nov. 1, 2016, Circulation, tracked about 45,000 Danish adults (ages 50 to 65) who biked regularly, either to commute to work or for recreation. Over a 20-year follow-up, […]