‘Eat seasonal, local and regional food’

Prehabilitation is like immunisation, it’s about taking preventive measures in the form of modified life style so that we don’t land up with any kind of diseases in future. Or if at all a person is suffering from any disease, it will help in the management of the disease. As development of a disease is a process, it doesn’t happen suddenly. So give your diet a healthy boost

‘Eat seasonal, local and regional food’Prehabilitation is necessary as I see rise in a number of cases of the youngsters having hypertension and diabetes. So, to combat these diseases, one has to make healthy lifestyle modifications. Prehabilitation is related to diet (ahar), physical activity (vihar) and sleep (nidra). While talking about diet, these are few questions that on should keep […]

School lunch can shape a healthy diet habit for your child

You must teach your child to make healthy choices. Remember to start by setting a good example at home with your own eating habits

School lunch can shape a healthy diet habit for your childWorking all morning at school burns up a lot of energy, so children need healthy lunches to refuel. Children also need lunch to provide enough energy and nutrients to keep healthy and grow as well as possible. Be sure you encourage your child to eat a nutritious lunch every day, either from the school cafeteria […]

People with healthiest hearts live in the forests of Bolivia

There are around 16,000 Tsimane people who hunt, fish and farm on Maniqui River in Amazon rainforest in Bolivian lowlands. Their way of life has similarities to human civilisation thousands of years ago and researchers found that they have the best indicators of cardiovascular health ever reported

People with healthiest hearts live in the forests of BoliviaThe healthiest hearts in the world have been found in the Tsimane people in the forests of Bolivia, say researchers. Barely any Tsimane had signs of clogged up arteries – even well into old age – a study in the Lancet showed. “It’s an incredible population” with radically different diets and ways of living, said […]