Cope up: Tips to deal with negativity

In moments like these, it’s important to have techniques that help you to re-center and move toward a state of calm. Coping strategies do just that

Cope up: Tips to deal with negativityChaos comes in a variety of packages that can range in scope and severity. For example, finding that your car has been stolen is different from having what you thought was a promising date canceled at the last minute. But despite the differences, both of these situations deliver an emotional blow that can leave you […]

Telemedicine has brought doctors and patients together, helped improve lives

Through increased access to medical care, patients are now able to receive treatment faster; resulting in decreased recovery times, increased patient satisfaction and outcomes, as well as a significant reduction in the amount of money and resources utilised to treat patients

Telemedicine has brought doctors and patients together, helped improve livesA three day symposium will be organized in Pune, from November 9-11 to discuss the potential and implications of telemedicine as an enabler for the transformation of health strategy in India. The aim of the event is to introduce the concept of telemedicine to a larger audience. In a layman’s terminology, telemedicine is a means of […]

Stents may not be as useful as previously thought of, finds Lancet study

Over years, the necessity and efficacy of stents in relieving chest pain has been questioned. Since heart disease is the India’s biggest killer, stents are used liberally here. In 2017, 1.7 million Indians died from heart disease, according to this year’s Global Burden of Disease report

Stents may not be as useful as previously thought of, finds Lancet studyBuilding on years of evidence, a new study in The Lancet showed that stents were useless for most suffering angina pain. Conducted by researchers in the United Kingdom, the study shows that stents — tiny wire mesh medical devices used to open blockages in blood vessels — do nothing to relieve angina pain. They improve […]

The truth behind childhood trauma and how it affects the brain

Previous research has pointed out those individuals who experienced neglect and abuse as children have decreased volumes of white matter in various areas of the brain. The volume and structure of white matter correlate with an individual's capacity for learning, and this component of the brain keeps on developing throughout early adulthood - unlike grey matter

The truth behind childhood trauma and how it affects the brainIt is not news that people abused as children are more exposed to clinical depression, anxiety, and a higher risk of death from suicide. But now, researchers have begun to reveal what happens in the brain following this kind of trauma. According to data provided by the Children’s Bureau of the United States Department of […]

Are you a diabetic patient? Here are new therapies which can help to control it   

Diabetes mellitus unfortunately is a silent killer. There are no symptoms of the damage it is doing to the body, before it is too late. And once the damage is done, it is irreparable. Simple lifestyle changes need to be followed throughout life. Early diagnosis and taking your medications, are necessary to avoid complications and improve quality of life of a diabetic

Are you a diabetic patient? Here are new therapies which can help to control it   India is home to over 50 million adults with diabetes and this number is likely to increase to over 120 million by 2040. Diabetes Mellitus is characterized by high blood sugar levels. Exposure to high blood sugar leads to weakness, weight loss, increased thirst and frequent urination. The long term complications include damage to eyes, […]

13 ways to bump your protein intake

Researchers found that muscle protein synthesis — the driving force behind your muscle growth — was 25% greater when people incorporated healthy recipes with high protein throughout the day (30 grams of protein per meal) compared to those who ate a bulk of their protein at dinner (10 grams for breakfast, 15 grams for lunch, and 65 grams for dinner)

13 ways to bump your protein intakeThere’s a reason why protein and fitness go hand-in-hand: When you pump iron, protein repairs the tiny tears that strength training creates in your muscles, which helps them grow bigger, faster. You have to take in protein all day long — not just at dinner — if you want to maximize your gains. In a […]

Scientists answer why autism is more prevalent amongst boys

One intriguing aspect of autism is that it predominantly affects males; four boys are affected for every one girl. The findings shed valuable new light on the science of neurodevelopmental disorders, many of which are more common in boys. However, they also address the broader question of how sex and gender influence the neurobiology of how we learn and behave

Scientists answer why autism is more prevalent amongst boysResearchers aiming to understand why autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are more common in boys have discovered differences in a brain signalling pathway involved in reward learning and motivation that make male mice more vulnerable to an autism-causing genetic glitch. “We don’t understand what it is about this disorder that predisposes boys as compared to girls […]

Feeling older? Learn how to embrace it

In society, youthfulness is glorified and getting older is cast as something to avoid, but as your age increases, your quality of life does not necessarily have to decrease, said experts

Feeling older? Learn how to embrace itThe realisation that you are getting older can come in waves. You watch movies and point to the actors, saying: “She’s dead. Oh, he’s dead, too.” Your parents move to a retirement community they call God’s waiting room. You hear more snap, crackle and pop in your joints than in your breakfast cereal. What is […]

Maha Health Minister launches Critical Care Units at Hinduja Hospital

This initiative was launched with the aim of amplifying the number of safety and infection control measures undertaken by hospitals in their respective Intensive Care Units (ICU) departments. The chief guest at the event was Dr Deepak Sawant,Minister of Health and Family Affairs

Maha Health Minister launches Critical Care Units at Hinduja HospitalThe Association of Healthcare Providers- India (AHPI), in association with Bureau Veritas, introduced a new standard known as ‘ResCCU – Responsible Critical Care Units’ at P. D. Hinduja Hospital, Mahim. The new standard was co-developed by awareness and knowledge partner Cipla and launched by the chief guest – Dr Deepak Sawant, Hon. Minister of Health and […]

Mumbai: Real life ‘Ghajini’ baffles doctors

Aamir Khan starrer movie ‘Ghajini’ became the talk of the town, owing to its unique story line and a health condition known as Anterograde amnesia or short term memory loss, where he had difficulty in remembering the occurred. He then wrote numbers and names on his body. But, in real life too, a Mumbai man suffers from this serious condition, which is caused by some traumatic brain injury or a mental shock. But, what surprised the doctors in Pillai’s case is his sudden wandering in places and going completely mute at times

Mumbai: Real life ‘Ghajini’ baffles doctorsOne fine day, last month Sushant Pillai (name changed) ran down to the middle of the road and refused to move from the middle of the road. On insisting to move, he would get aggressive. The 23-year-old, Pillai loved biking. However, on a fateful evening in January this year, he met with a traumatic road […]