#FitIndiaMovement: Fitness icon Mandira Bedi’s workout and diet plan

Mandira Bedi grabbed the eyeballs with TV shows like ‘Shanti’, ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’, for playing Preeti in 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' and for proving that women can host cricket matches too. She has tried everything from acting to anchoring and even fashion designing and aced it all. In the recent years, we’ve also come to remember and admire her for being a fitness icon. Here, the 45-year-old yummy mummy, who is committed to her fitness routine, reveals what keeps her looking super svelte and fit!

#FitIndiaMovement: Fitness icon Mandira Bedi’s workout and diet planKnown for her fit frame and vivacious personality and having won a stunt show on television, Mandira Bedi is considered an epitome of fitness. Mandira who has the most captivating and fit body is very much disciplined about her workout and her diet plan. “I work out for five days a week. Along with cardio, I […]

Can we promise pregnancy to every woman today?

Today, fertility treatment is purely scientific and precise, targeted to determining the cause and treating it. Besides, almost every hurdle can be overcome with the help of amazing options. For example, a woman without a uterus can still have her own child by borrowing another’s womb!

Can we promise pregnancy to every woman today?In a normal couple During normal sexual activity, semen which consist of millions of sperms, is deposited in the vagina. From there the active and motile sperms travel into the fallopian tube to meet the egg which is released from the ovary once a month. This is where fertilization of the egg occurs. The fertilised […]

JJ Hospital to sign MoU with Israel for enhancing medical technology

Doctors from Mumbai’s state-run Sir JJ Group of hospitals met officers of Israel consulate in Mumbai on Wednesday, July 10. The hospital hopes to sign an MoU with the county to enhance medical technology at the hospital  

JJ Hospital to sign MoU with Israel for enhancing medical technologySir JJ Group of Hospital is looking forward to signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Israel government The MoU will be signed for the exchange of medical facilities and research in the health sector A team of doctors from Sir JJ Group of Hospitals met Israel’s Consulate General of Mr Yaakov Finkelstein in […]

‘Mohalla Clinics are an utter flop and drastic neglect of patient care is there for all to see’ : Dr Harsh Vardhan hits out at Kejriwal

The union health minister debunked Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s claim stating that it is still in the planning stage. Dr Harsh Vardhan hit out at the Delhi CM criticising his inefficiency in the health sector. The union health minister invited the Delhi CM to be part of the historical health sector revolution visualised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

‘Mohalla Clinics are an utter flop and drastic neglect of patient care is there for all to see’ : Dr Harsh Vardhan hits out at KejriwalDr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, on Saturday, June 08, expressed deep anguish at the reply of Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi which was released on social media asserting that Delhi Government shall not implement Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) in Delhi. In a letter written to […]

#HealthyHoli: Healthy food options for Holi

Holi is all about colours, but it’s also an excuse to eat foods that awaken the senses and keep your spirits high. Not only for the bevy of colours, we love to be immersed with but also for the mouth-watering delicacies like puran poli, sweet gujiyas, crisp papads, masala kachoris and so on. With variety of deep fried food dishes and sweets in front of you, it is really difficult to control yourself. So, if you cannot lose weight, at least try not to put on extra pounds. Here, experts list out what to eat and avoid

#HealthyHoli: Healthy food options for HoliDon’t make Holi an excuse to binge on unhealthy calories and invite health risks. Just make them in a healthier way which does not affect your waistline or disrupt your weight loss plans. Dr Ankita Ghag, Clinical Nutritionist, Vacchan Aarogya and Diabetes Care 365 said: Instead of bhang consume milkshakes, aam panna, jal jeera, thick lassi, veggie smoothies, lemon […]

BMC budget 2019: Healthy Mumbaikar on BMC’s agenda  

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) announced its annual budget for the city today. The civic budget for the first time crossed Rs 30,000 crore mark. The overall budget for the city this year amounted to Rs 30,692 crore rupees

BMC budget 2019: Healthy Mumbaikar on BMC’s agenda  After the Union Budget, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) presented its budget for financial year 2019-20. BMC commissioner Ajoy Mehta presents civic budget for Mumbai. This is the fourth budget which was presented by Ajoy Mehta during his current tenure. Keeping health as an important priority in its budget the BMC has allocated Rs 4151.14 […]

MARD appeals GMC and MCGM Medical Colleges to form panel to address issue of health budget

The Central Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) MARD has written a letter to deans in state and civic-run medical colleges across Maharashtra to forming a panel or committee of all deans to demand for a health budget/budget for tertiary medical care as per the WHO norms

MARD appeals GMC and MCGM Medical Colleges to form panel to address issue of health budgetResident doctors across the state are working with the highest degree of dedication to provide tertiary care to 112,374,333 population. Maharashtra is one of the wealthiest and the most developed in the nation, contributing 25% of the country’s modern yield and 12% of its GDP. But still budget, on health, especially tertiary care, is not […]

Organ donation: Meet a health ambassador who creates awareness on railway stations

Keeping in line with our stories which share a theme of organ donation, today we bring you the inspiring story of an individual who is truly 'out there' to spread awareness on organ donation. August 13 is observed as Indian organ donation day and this 68-year-old health ambassador is on a mission to spread awareness on tobacco related diseases and organ donation

Organ donation: Meet a health ambassador who creates awareness on railway stationsAfter retiring from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, 68-year-old Ramesh Dongre took up the mission to educate people about the ill effects of tobacco, about organ donation, noise pollution, cleanliness and so on with the help of a board on Kandivali railway station, Mumbai, for an hour daily. He wears the banner and creates awareness […]

Women: ‘Life events play a major role in the development of breast cancer’

Breast cancer is one of the most belligerent cancer among women leading to death. Age doesn’t matter for a breast cancer, but the risk doubles each decade after menopause, after which the surge slackens. Survival rates of breast cancer have now improved worldwide, because of the advanced medical facilities and diagnosis at an early stage

Women:  ‘Life events play a major role in the development of breast cancer’Doctors say that breast cancer cases are increasing in developing countries due to increase in life expectancy, increased urbanization and adoption of Western lifestyles. In fact, due to a lack of awareness, majority of breast cancers are detected late in developing countries. “Every woman should be aware of the symptoms, as after puberty a woman breast consists of connective tissues, fats, thousands of […]

#MenstrualHygieneDay: Tips every girl and woman should follow

Feminine hygiene has an impact on the overall health; feminine hygiene needs to be observed stringently especially during menstruation. With a lot of discussions on GST being imposed on sanitary pads, we look at what other things are important in maintaining hygiene for women

#MenstrualHygieneDay: Tips every girl and woman should followMost women would believe that the only product to maintain hygiene for them during periods is a sanitary napkin or tampon. In our listicle, we look at products that can be used to maintain menstrual hygiene. When we talk about menstrual hygiene, we focus on treating vaginal discharge, infections, odour and itch issues etc. related […]
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