#MenstrualHygieneDay: Tips every girl and woman should follow

Feminine hygiene has an impact on the overall health; feminine hygiene needs to be observed stringently especially during menstruation. With a lot of discussions on GST being imposed on sanitary pads, we look at what other things are important in maintaining hygiene for women

#MenstrualHygieneDay: Tips every girl and woman should followMost women would believe that the only product to maintain hygiene for them during periods is a sanitary napkin or tampon. In our listicle, we look at products that can be used to maintain menstrual hygiene. When we talk about menstrual hygiene, we focus on treating vaginal discharge, infections, odour and itch issues etc. related […]

All you need to know about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a very common disorder and refers to a group of conditions where there is accumulation of excess fat in the liver of people who drink little or no alcohol. The most common form of NAFLD is a non-serious condition called fatty liver

All you need to know about non-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseSome people with NAFLD may have a more serious condition named non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). In NASH, fat accumulation is associated with liver cell inflammation and different degrees of scarring. NASH is a potentially serious condition that may lead to severe liver scarring and cirrhosis. Cirrhosis occurs when the liver sustains substantial damage, and the liver […]

This NGO gives love and affection to HIV patients

Snehalayaa NGO is diligently working since last 30 years for the upliftment of the society. Efforts are being been made to get HIV affected, sex workers and orphan children’s life, back on track

This NGO gives love and affection to HIV patientsIf a person is HIV affected. Then, the society’s point of view towards him changes. Also, the family and relatives don’t look over the patients. But, an NGO Snehalayaa is giving hope and help to these patients since last 30 years. This NGO works for  HIV affected.  NGO’s founder, Professor Girish Kulkarni established it in […]

Google Doodle celebrates India’s first female doctor’s birthday

On Saturday, Google celebrated the 153rd birthday of Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi, one of the earliest Indian female physicians, with its doodle that shows her wearing a green saree and holding a degree with a stethoscope around her neck

Google Doodle celebrates India’s first female doctor’s birthdayAnandi Gopal Joshi was India’s first female doctor. Anandi Joshi was born as Yamuna in Kalyan of Maharashtra’s Thane district. She was married to a widower, almost 20 years older to her, at the age of nine. After her marriage, she was renamed Anandi.  When Anandi was just 14, she gave birth to her first child. But, […]

#Justicefordipali: Doctors launch online campaign

Dipali Lahamate, intern at the Nair Hospital Dental College lost her life after being hit by a speeding car. The doctors of civic-run Nair Dental College have started an online campaign, seeking stern action against the guilty by seeking justice for Dipali

#Justicefordipali: Doctors launch online campaign  On Marh 24, around 4:00 pm, after work. Like every day, Dipali stepped out of the hospital. Dipali was hit by a speeding car. Dipali was undergoing treatment at Sir JJ Group of Hospitals. She wasn’t responding to treatment. On Friday, she lost her life. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr, Neelam  Andrade, Head, Department […]

He climbed the hill and crossed the river to help a woman in labour

In a Face Book post, Odisha’s Dr Yagnadatta Rath, who climbed a hill and a wade across a river to reach tribal woman Sitadadu Raita who went into labour, thanked everyone for their support. Dr Rath’s prompt action is being praised by all

He climbed the hill and crossed the river to help a woman in labourDr Yagnadatta Rath, works as an ad hoc doctor at Tumudibandha community health centre in Kandhamal. In Facebook post, the doctor who has set an extraordinary example climbed the hill and cross the river to reach Raita who went into labour while on the way to hospital on foot, has acknowledged everyone for their support. […]

India: Antibiotic usage goes up by 65%

Antibiotic resistance, driven by antibiotic consumption, is a growing global health threat. As with climate change, there may be an unknown tipping point, and this could herald a future without effective antibiotics

India: Antibiotic usage goes up by 65%Researchers have identified that the global consumption of antibiotics has soared since the year 2000. This could mean drug-resistant superbugs spiraling out of control and calls for new policies to control and oversee usage of these drugs. With the rate of consumption going up by 65% between 2000 and 2015, the need of the hour […]

Nashik: Doctors successfully remove Rs 2 coin from minor’s throat

We have heard of children swallowing coins, pendants and so on. Similarly, Doctors at the Nashik Civil Hospital have removed a Rs 2 coin stuck in throat of a five-year-old, which she accidentally swallowed

Nashik: Doctors successfully remove Rs 2 coin from minor’s throatDoctors at a Nashik Hospital saved a 5-year-old girl’s life after Rs 2 coin accidentally got stuck in her throat. The doctors yesterday performed a telescopic surgery on the girl, Vaishnavi Mali, to remove the coin. Vaishnavi Mali, a resident of Maharashtra’s Manmad town, was given a Rs 2 coin by her grandfather so she could go buy […]

Organ donation: ‘Centre has developed standard curriculum’, JP Nadda

Organ donation is the need of the hour. Union health minister JP Nadda tweeted, “Our government is implementing National Organ Transplant Programme for promotion of organ donation from deceased persons in order to increase the availability of organs for transplant to save lives"

Organ donation: ‘Centre has developed standard curriculum’, JP NaddaThere are millions in this country who need an organ for survival. If they get an organ, they can get a new life. Each year, hundreds of people die while waiting for an organ transplant. There is a shortage of organs, and the gap between the number of organs donated and the number of people […]

Zareen Khan creates awareness about menstrual hygiene

Menstruation is one of the vital processes of a woman's body which deserves utmost caution and self-care.Recently, in order to create awareness about menstrual hygiene. Actor Zareen Khan highlighted the important factors related to menstrual hygiene

Zareen Khan creates awareness about menstrual hygiene  Many girls and women face challenges with managing their periods safely. In addition to persisting taboos, women and girls’ capacity to manage their periods is affected by a number of other factors, including limited access to affordable and hygienic sanitary materials and disposal options leaving many to manage their periods in ineffective, uncomfortable and […]
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