The truth about schizophrenia, separating fact from fiction

One in 100 people is affected by schizophrenia during their life, but 45% of those surveyed thought the illness was much more common. Half mistakenly thought the illness was defined by a split personality and a quarter believed it definitely led to violent behaviour. But the reality is very different, a new campaign by Rethink Schizophrenia campaign claims

The truth about schizophrenia, separating fact from fictionSchizophrenia does not mean you have a split personality or automatically become violent, a mental health charity has warned. Rethink Mental Illness said a survey of 1,500 people showed that the condition is widely misunderstood. Schizophrenia commonly causes hallucinations, such as hearing voices, or delusions and can make people lose interest in life. But it […]

Childhood trauma and schizophrenia interlinked, offers new hope for treatment

People with schizophrenia may now benefit from more effective, tailored treatments and greater self-empowerment, thanks to research establishing a link between childhood trauma and some of schizophrenia's most common symptoms

Childhood trauma and schizophrenia interlinked, offers new hope for treatmentResearchers from Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence for Youth Mental Health; the University of Melbourne; Port Phillip Prison and University Hospital of Gran Canaria Dr Negrin, Spain conducted a meta-analysis of 29 studies on childhood trauma and psychotic symptoms. As reported in the journal Schizophrenia Bulletin, the strongest finding was that all types of […]

UK researchers develop avatar therapy to treat schizophrenia patients

In this study, run by King's College London and University College London, 75 patients who had continued to hear voices for more than a year, were given six sessions of avatar therapy while another 75 received the same amount of counselling

UK researchers develop avatar therapy to treat schizophrenia patientsPatients who received this therapy became less distressed and heard voices less often compared with those who had counselling instead. Experts said the therapy could add an important new approach to treating schizophrenia hallucinations. The trial, on 150 people, is published in The Lancet Psychiatry journal. It follows a much smaller pilot study in 2013. […]

20 years later, he still struggles with cannabis ‘hangover’

Consuming cannabis can be a bad idea as it can be dangerous. Most of those who consume cannabis or alcohol even once in their lifetime believe that it is of no harm. However, this 40-year-old from Mumbai, is battling with the side-effects of cannabis, in spite of consuming it only once, that too twenty years ago

20 years later, he still struggles with cannabis ‘hangover’Cannabis is infamous for its acute disease spreading properties such as cannabinoids. Acute anxiety, hallucinations, chest heaviness, schizophrenia and such ailments are known side-effects of consuming cannabis. Occasional drinkers or smokers generally use the excuse about how intermittent consumption could not have serious side-effects. But, contrary to this belief, a 40-year-old Mumbai man has been […]

Forgetful? Look for these early signs of dementia

‘Of all the things, I miss my mind the most,’ this quote by renowned author Mark Twain speaks of memory loss and dementia. Dementia is a neurological disease that usually occurs after the age of 60, says Arti Shroff, Mumbai-based clinical psychologist

Forgetful? Look for these early signs of dementiaDementia is a general term for loss of memory and other mental abilities severe enough to interfere with daily life. It is caused by physical changes in the brain. It is marked by memory loss, impaired cognitive functions, compromised volition as well as changes in personality. It is caused by the degeneration of the brain […]

Scientist work towards quietening the ‘voices’ of schizophrenia

Scientists believe a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy can help quell auditory verbal hallucination (AVH). TMS essentially calls for an electromagnetic coil to be placed against the scalp. The electromagnet delivers a pulse that stimulates nerve cells in a specific region of the brain that controls mood. It’s often used to treat depression

Scientist work towards quietening the ‘voices’ of schizophreniaSay the word schizophrenia and what comes to mind? Most likely it’s an image of a person who hears voices — someone who is carrying on a conversation in a loud manner with themselves. In a clinic setting, the voices that patients hear are known as auditory verbal hallucination (AVH). It’s just one in a […]

Why schizophrenia is increasing amongst youth?

Recently, an adolescent men suffering from schizophrenia attacked his father in Mumbai. His father is taking treatment at Rajawadi hospital. While his sister revealed that he is suffering from schizophrenia

Why schizophrenia is increasing amongst youth?Rohit Muzumdar, (name changed), a Mumbai resident was short tempered and often lost his cool. Owing to which, he was taken to the doctor by his family. That was the time when the doctors diagnosed him with schizophrenia. Meanwhile, on Thursday, Rohit suddenly attacked his father. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Vidya Thakur, Medical […]