Terrible tramadol addiction lands 40-year-old in a hospital

A 40-year-old woman hailing from rural Maharashtra approached city Hospital with a very peculiar case getting addicted towards intramuscular tramadol injections. Around 12 years ago, while undergoing severe pain, a doctor advised her Tramadol Injection. After this, for the past 9 years, she has been taking twelve intramuscular tramadol injections daily. So much so that she is severely addicted

Terrible tramadol addiction lands 40-year-old in a hospitalSavitri Sawant (name changed) came to Masina Hospital on Wednesday with a peculiar case of addiction. For the past nine years, she has been taking 12 intramuscular Tramadol injections every day. Even her husband didn’t even know it was an addiction until one fine day, the injections couldn’t be bought by her husband. Tramadol is […]

GT hospital offers cosmetic surgery with latest technology

Whether a man or a woman, every one craves for good looks and an attractive persona. For which make endless trips to the parlours and salons. Now-a-a-days, people are also heading for cosmetic surgeries, to enhance their body and looks. Cosmetic surgery has increasingly popular over recent years with a number of women, and men, opting for a number of procedures. And now, there will be an easy availability of cosmetic surgeries government hospital

GT hospital offers cosmetic surgery with latest technologyPrivate hospitals charge a huge amount for cosmetic surgery. Hence, it cannot be afforded by each and every one. This is why this cosmetic surgery has been made available for the common people in the Government Hospital. Few-days-ago, Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital started offering laser cosmetic surgery. And in Mumbai, G.T Hospital is the first government […]

Pune hospital bags ‘Kayakalp’ award for cleanliness

The Kayakalp scheme which was launched in 2015 covered 10 central government institutions and district hospitals in the year of launch. The current year the Kayakalp assessment in states covered over 700 district hospitals, over 5,000 community health centres and over 25,000 primary health centres

Pune hospital bags ‘Kayakalp’ award for cleanlinessDistrict Hospital located in Pune has bagged second place for the ‘Kayakalp’ award in the year 2016-17. ‘Kayakalp’ is an initiative for awards to encourage every public health facility in the country to work towards standards of excellence to help facilities stay clean and hygienic. Dr R K Shelke, Civil Surgeon, Pune, said, “We had […]