Mumbai: Bike ambulance saves 823 lives in four months 

The Free emergency service 108 of the MEMS was launched in Mumbai by the Government of Maharashtra – Department of Public Health & National Health, implemented and operated by BVG India with the vision to provide emergency help during the golden hour

Mumbai: Bike ambulance saves 823 lives in four months The MEMS (Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services) bike emergency medical first responder service has chalked up a record number of 823 service calls attended to since its launch in August this year. In just 4 months this service which was launched with the objective of providing crucial medical support to patients in need till an ambulance […]

Sangli: Emergency medical services a click away

During emergencies, to help patients to get the medical facilities, ‘Golden Hour Medical Information Service’ app has been launched in Sangli Miraj Kupwad municipal corporation area. Owing to which, the Sanglikars will get all the information about the medical facilities on just one click. The app is in the experimental stage. Soon, it will be launched all over Maharashtra

Sangli: Emergency medical services a click awayIf the patients receive treatment in that golden hour, his life can be saved. In compared to urban areas, rural areas lack medical facilities. To top it all, if there is an emergency, along with the hospital, the patient’s family has to make blood arrangements, search a blood bank and so on. Now, due to […]

What should be done in the golden hour after heart attack?

Doctors explain the importance of getting treatment in the ‘Golden hour’ (first hour) after suffering from severe heart attack. They also guide us as to what needs to be done, chat care should be taken, and why some general symptoms should not be neglected

What should be done in the golden hour after heart attack?A 57-year-old south Mumbai resident Sundar Chaturvedi (name changed) started feeling breathlessness at 2 am early in the morning. Without wasting time, the family immediately called up the hospital and in night clothes, Chaturvedi was hospitalised in Jaslok Hospital. On diagnosing, it became clear that Chaturvedi had the suffered a severe heart attack. He was immediately put […]

Bike ride to hospital saves Mazgaon man’s life

Considering the traffic situation in Mumbai during evenings, it would have been impossible to reach Jaslok hospital in an hour’s time by car or ambulance. His family took a crucial decision to take him on a bike, which eventually proved to be a life-saving decision

Bike ride to hospital saves Mazgaon man’s lifeAn hour from the onset of a heart attack is known as the golden hour as it is essential to treat a patient in this critical hour to save his/her life. The life of 50-year-old resident of Mazgaon could be saved because he reached the hospital in within this hour and it could happen because […]

Wockhardt Hospital trains 50 auto-drivers to aid medical emergencies

In case of a road accident, the first people to come in contact with the victims are traffic policemen and auto or taxi drivers. Therefore the best people to start emergency responder training with are these people

Wockhardt Hospital trains 50 auto-drivers to aid medical emergenciesWockhardt Hospital, Mira Road conducted training exercise for the city’s auto-drivers to equip them with crucial life-saving capabilities last week on the occasion of World Hypertension Day. With more than 2 lakh road mishaps every year, India is often referred to as the accident-capital of the world. Along with poor conditions of roads, traffic management […]