Onion and garlic consumption can help reduce cancer risk, reveals new study

Scientists from the First Hospital of China Medical University recently set out to understand whether consuming greater amounts of these vegetables might prevent people from developing colorectal cancer. They recently published their results in the Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology

Onion and garlic consumption can help reduce cancer risk, reveals new study  Garlic, onions, leeks, chives, and shallots are classed as allium vegetables. They are grown throughout much of the world and form the bedrock of family meals far and wide. Earlier studies have shown that certain compounds in allium vegetables — including flavanols and organosulphur compounds — are bioactive. Some have been shown to hinder […]

Diet tips to maintain your immunity this winter

Winter will soon start and so will start the questions of how to have diet in winter. Our body is lot dependant on the weather outside. Experts say that with season, we all must change our diet

Diet tips to maintain your immunity this winterAlthough winter has still not reached our doorstep and we are equal parts enjoying and reeling under the sunny weather. It is well worth nothing that winter is on its way. As soon as there is a nip in the air, we bring out our woollens to protect us from the cold. While we protect […]

7 health benefits of garlic

The body-strengthening effects of garlic are thought to be due to its active ingredient allicin. This is what gives garlic its distinctive taste and smell. Whether you take your garlic powdered, salted, or minced or in supplement form, you can reap the surprising benefits of this multipurpose herb for optimal health

7 health benefits of garlicGarlic does more than just invigorate your palate and ward off vampires; it’s also a smelly super food health aid. The spice is a highly nutritious vegetable with very few calories, containing trace amounts of other nutrients that contribute to its universal status of a powerful, beneficial healer. The natural medicinal ingredient, both as a […]