Gardening can improve your mental health, say experts

Psychiatrists say that many people opt gardening to fight mental illnesses, and both psychiatrists and patients are accepting the claim. Experts say more people are resorting to gardening to fight mental health-related problems

Gardening can improve your mental health, say expertsHorticultural therapy is a professional practice that uses plants and gardening to improve mental and physical health. A horticultural therapist works with any group that can benefit from interaction with plants, including veterans, children, the elderly and those dealing with addiction and mental health problems The psychiatrists say that many people are opting ‘Green Therapy’ […]

Keeping yourself fit in middle age can help reduce dementia risk in adults

Keeping yourself fit in middle age can help reduce dementia risk in adultsMental activities included reading, playing instruments, singing in a choir, visiting concerts, gardening, doing needlework or attending religious services. “These results indicate that these activities in middle age may play a role in preventing dementia in old age and preserving cognitive health,” said study author Jenna Najar, MD, from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. […]

Effective calorie burning activities

Fortunately, you can get plenty of effective exercise by engaging in recreational or household activities that work your heart and muscles. "There's a real reward in doing an activity you enjoy, such as swimming or playing with your grandchildren

Effective calorie burning activitiesExercising is supposed to be a regular part of your daily health maintenance. That can be a problem if you don’t have the motivation to get your heart pumping; you raise your risk for weight gain, chronic disease, and an earlier death. You get a workout, but it doesn’t seem like you’re exercising, and you […]