‘Children ditch pens for the love of gadgets’

In the good old days, children had no internet, Youtube and gadgets like a tablet or smartphone to play with. In the present modern era, children are introduced to gadgets as soon as they are born and a lot of academics happen via. Thus, children develop a longing for electronic media and the love of a chalk, slate and the blackboard has faded away

‘Children ditch pens for the love of gadgets’Good handwriting is a hallmark of good education. When I was in school, we had handwriting periods and teachers would spend hours emphasizing on the finer nuances of good handwriting. We learnt intricate details about good handwriting that range from the curves of the letter ‘y’ and ‘f’ and the need for proper dashes to […]

Pune film-maker makes a short film on mobile addiction

Cell phones are causing trouble in relationships. Anyone who has tried to have a conversation with someone only to notice that the other person is looking down at his or her phone. Now, a Pune based young film-maker has made a short film 'The Drainage' on this pivotal issue. The film is produced by actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Magic IF Films and Mukesh Chabra casting company. It will be screened in different cities in India, after its screening in Mumbai

Pune film-maker makes a short film on mobile addictionAmbadas, the protagonist of this short film is farm labourer. His new smartphone falls in a dry drainage. For the next 24 hours, he struggles to rescue his phone. The story touches upon the subtle changes in the society. Finally, Ambadas enters the drainage and realises how lonely is he in this populated world. The […]

#NoMobileKnowFamily: Celebrities and politicians advocate a ‘gadget-free’ family time

While a smartphone can be a hugely productive tool, compulsive use of it can interfere with daily life, work, and relationships. If you spend more time using your phone rather than interacting with people, you tend to lose out on your relationships. My Medical Mantra’s campaign #NoMobileKnowFamily, is supported by the celebrities and politicians who have put forth their opinions and have appealed people to opt for a ‘gadget-free’ family time

#NoMobileKnowFamily: Celebrities and politicians advocate a ‘gadget-free’ family timeOur generation is addicted to smartphone, so much so that they have begun to rule our lives. If you use your smartphone as a ‘security blanket’ to relieve feelings of anxiety, loneliness, or awkwardness in social situations, you’ll succeed only in cutting yourself off further from the people around you. Staring at your phone will […]

#NoMobileKnowFamily: Beware, 2-year olds can also suffer from mobile addiction

A lot of parents pat their backs when they talk to each other about how smart their kids are, as they can access YouTube or use the Internet. However, in a surprising case, a two-year-old kid from Mumbai has an addiction to gadgets, so much so that ‘no gadget’ time is his only therapy at the moment. My Medical Mantra takes a look how mobile addiction is increasingly affecting children these days

#NoMobileKnowFamily: Beware, 2-year olds can also suffer from mobile addiction‘Gadget-free hours’ are the need of the hour. With most parents showcasing their children’s talent of using gadgets efficiently, it seems to be like a qualification of intellectuality. However, psychiatrists say that the ‘gadget nanny’ for kids and newborns is more than just harmful. “A 2-year-old boy had come to me with his elder brother […]

#NoMobileKnowFamily: A campaign to reconnect families

Do you feel neglected when your partner is on their phone? Does your time together get disrupted by texts, emails, or games? Do you tend to neglect your child? Then, you are not alone. Smart phone addiction has begun to rule our lives. Continuous usage of cell phones can disconnect you from your relationships. To help you to reconnect with your family, My Medical Mantra tries to decode why gadget-free’ family time is the need of the hour

#NoMobileKnowFamily: A campaign to reconnect familiesA study, published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrics, involved in-depth interviews with 35 caregivers, which included mums, dads and grandmothers. Participants expressed an internal struggle between multi-tasking mobile technology use, work and children, and emotional tensions around disrupting family routines. Parents also described more attention-seeking behaviour from children when they were heavily […]