Pump up: 5 healthy heart tips

Lack of exercise, a poor diet and other unhealthy habits can take their toll over the years. Dr Nihar Mehta, consultant cardiologist at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai, gives 5 simple steps to look after your heart

Pump up: 5 healthy heart tipsIndia has rapidly become the capital of metabolic diseases over the globe.This term encompasses a combination of ‘high’ – body weight, blood pressure, blood sugars and blood cholesterol, a disease of excess. These metabolic diseases lead to heart diseases like heart attacks, heart failure and fluctuations in heart rate (arrhythmia), said Dr Nihar Mehta, consultant […]

This is how a diabetic patient should eat fruits

If you have diabetes, chances are someone has said that you are not allowed to eat fruit. This is not true; people with diabetes can eat fruit as part of their healthy eating plan. But, because fruit is a carbohydrate, it will affect your blood sugar and you cannot eat unlimited amounts. Also, it is important to monitor the timings during which you consume fruits

This is how a diabetic patient should eat fruitsCertain fruits may cause your blood sugars to spike at a quicker pace than others. The tricky part about eating with diabetes is that everyone responds to food differently. Consume fruit in its whole, natural form, and avoid syrups or any processed fruits with added sugar, which have the tendency to spike your blood sugar. […]

#HealthyHoli: Healthy food options for Holi

Holi is all about colours, but it’s also an excuse to eat foods that awaken the senses and keep your spirits high. Not only for the bevy of colours, we love to be immersed with but also for the mouth-watering delicacies like puran poli, sweet gujiyas, crisp papads, masala kachoris and so on. With variety of deep fried food dishes and sweets in front of you, it is really difficult to control yourself. So, if you cannot lose weight, at least try not to put on extra pounds. Here, experts list out what to eat and avoid

#HealthyHoli: Healthy food options for HoliDon’t make Holi an excuse to binge on unhealthy calories and invite health risks. Just make them in a healthier way which does not affect your waistline or disrupt your weight loss plans. Dr Ankita Ghag, Clinical Nutritionist, Vacchan Aarogya and Diabetes Care 365 said: Instead of bhang consume milkshakes, aam panna, jal jeera, thick lassi, veggie smoothies, lemon […]

Consuming a high-fibre diet proven to be beneficial for cancer patients, finds study

Eating more foods high in fibre has been recommended to prevent cancer. Now researchers say high-fibre diets may also help a type of immune therapy work better against tumours

Consuming a high-fibre diet proven to be beneficial for cancer patients, finds studyPatients who had a high-fibre diet were found five times likely to reduce the growth or shrink tumours while taking an immune therapy. The researchers unveiled the findings at the recent news conference held by the American Association for Cancer Research, Science News reported late last week. Researchers have found a new potential way to […]

Are fruits coated with wax hazardous to your health?

We all love eating fresh fruits, especially the fibre-rich apples. Apples are delicious, juicy and full of dietary fibre, which makes them a great snack to control cravings. But is it really safe to eat apples daily, bearing in mind the amount of wax that is applied to it to make it appear fresh and shiny?

Are fruits coated with wax hazardous to your health?Many of you may not be aware that apples with a shiny or glossy skin may not be fresh and of good quality as you may be thinking.  They are frequently coated with a layer of wax to make them look more alluring. While shopping for fruits you might have come across apples, pear or […]

A vegetarian diet can help reduce the risk of depression, finds study

It is known that poor mental health can affect appetite in a harmful manner. But how much of an influence do poor eating habits have on our susceptibility to mental health problems?

A vegetarian diet can help reduce the risk of depression, finds studyResearchers at the University College London, England reviewed several studies published in recent years to find out. Their review titled ‘Healthy dietary indices and risk of depressive outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies’ was published in Molecular Psychiatry on September 26. Dr Camille Lasalle and her colleagues conducted the review by aggregating […]

4 steps to eat your way to lower cholesterol

Although diet can be a simple and powerful way to improve cholesterol levels, it plays a bigger role for some people than for others. Don't be discouraged if you have followed a diet but not reached your goal blood level

4 steps to eat your way to lower cholesterolMany people can reduce cholesterol levels simply by changing what they eat. For example, if you are a fan of cheeseburgers, eating less meat (and leaner cuts) and more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can lower your total cholesterol by 25% or more. Cutting back on saturated fat (found in meat and dairy products) and […]

Mediterranean diet offers protective effect against prostate cancer

Prostate cancer occurs because of the uncontrolled growth of cells in the prostate, which is a gland in the male reproductive organs that produces a fluid that forms part of semen. It sits just below the bladder and surrounds the urethra, the tube that urine passes through on its way out of the body

Mediterranean diet offers protective effect against prostate cancerIn a report on their findings that is published in The Journal of Urology, the researchers write that guidelines for preventing prostate cancer should aim to “consider whole dietary patterns instead of individual foods.” Lead investigator Dr Beatriz Pérez-Gómez, from the Instituto de Salud Carlos III at the University of Alcalá near Madrid, Spain, explains […]

Party season: Know how to strike a balance between junk and healthy food

At the end of the year, everybody gets busy planning the parties and their health and routine goes haywire. Here, experts list out tips to eat healthy, this party season.

Party season: Know how to strike a balance between junk and healthy foodIt’s that time of the year where everyone indulges in parties; get togethers, vacations, and more to celebrate the year end. With lip-smacking food around, it’s hard to resist, which ultimately leads to overindulging in food and drinks. Moreover, the after party detox and the strict diet routine can be difficult. Experts offer tips on  […]

‘With age, one must have a strict exercise routine’

A bariatric surgeon’s life can be quite challenging. With most surgeries scheduled in the first half of the day and the second half in the Out Patient Department (OPD), taking care of oneself can be a task. However, at 58, Dr Ramen Goel manages everything while being a perfect example of being a super jock

‘With age, one must have a strict exercise routine’Toughness is a matter of the mind and not of the body, or so proves a gym-junkie doctor at the age of 58 in Mumbai. Tough, gym-freak and fiercely fit are the adjectives for Dr Ramen Goel, Senior Bariatric Surgeon, Director- Centre of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery, Wockhardt Hospitals. His usual day starts by having lemonade […]