Diabetics, don’t take your injuries lightly

Diabetes is the cause for nearly 80% of the traumatic amputation, with atherosclerosis or chronic arterial occlusive disease as the underlying pathology.  Most of the amputation are lower-extremity amputations, such as foot amputation

Diabetics, don’t take your injuries lightlyAmputation is the removal of a limb by trauma, medical illness, or surgery. As a surgical measure, it is used to control pain or a disease process in the affected limb, such as malignancy or gangrene. Diabetic neuropathy develops in 60 to 70% of people with diabetes. Risk of neuropathy and amputation increases with advanced […]

Device designed at IIT Bombay to save over 100,000 diabetic foot amputations

A BETiC team at IIT Bombay has developed a semi-automatic non-invasive device for screening a diabetic foot condition. It detects the stiffness of the tissues on the sole of feet and categorises the condition of the foot in green, yellow and red risk zones. The clinicians can warn patients susceptible to diabetic foot ulceration in advance, potentially saving them from an amputation

Device designed at IIT Bombay to save over 100,000 diabetic foot amputationsDiabetes causes multiple complications because of the high level of glucose in the blood. One of them is diabetic neuropathy, which largely affects nerves in feet, which may result in ulceration on the feet. Non-healing ulcers can lead to amputation. So it is important to detect ulceration process before it starts and prevent it. A […]