Here’s how to get rid of a blocked nose

Although a cold can pass quickly, typically in just five to 10 days, a blocked nose is a major factor that contributes to us feeling under the weather

Here’s how to get rid of a blocked noseA blocked nose is primarily caused by inflamed nasal passages, according to GP Dr Roger Henderson. The body’s immune system – its natural defences – attempts to fight off the cold or flu virus by targeting the inflamed areas. While antibodies attack the virus, blood vessels around the nasal passage begin to swell up, causing […]

The number of gastro cases have decreased in Pune, experts

Gastroenteritis (gastro) is the most common digestive disorder amongst children. Severe gastroenteritis causes dehydration and an imbalance of blood chemicals (electrolytes) because of a loss of body fluids in the vomit and stool. But surprisingly, it has come down. According to Pune paediatricians, in this year, the incidents of children with gastro related illnesses have reduced. While, the percentage of viral flu has increased at an alarming rate

The number of gastro cases have decreased in Pune, expertsChildren usually contract viral gastroenteritis from other children who have had it or who have been exposed to it, such as those kids in child care centres, schools, and other crowded settings. Viral gastroenteritis is very contagious and spreads easily from child to child. On the other hand, your child is sent home from school […]