‘Wearing my sari, motivates me to serve my patients’

Nurses in the medical profession are as important as doctors in providing medical services to the people. Doctor and nurses work in tandem in helping and healing people. Today, My Medical Mantra offers you  peek into the life of one such nurse whose selfless service and dedication has earned her awards, but she takes them in her strides and continues to do what she does best which is nursing her patients back to good health

‘Wearing my sari, motivates me to serve my patients’When you imagine a nurse, you generally think of a person wearing a white apron or sari and having a very clean and neat appearance. It is their identity which distinguishes them from others in the medical profession. They wear it as proudly as a police man wears his badge. When somebody thinks of nursing, […]

‘My task is herculean, the only way I know is to keep moving ahead’

In India, doctors are not willingly ready to work in rural areas due to poor infrastructure. The nursing staff plays a very important role in healthcare management. They are the real heroes and are the backbone of the healthcare system. With their dedication, ceaseless efforts and selfless service, they help save many lives. One such hero is Jalgaon’s Kalpana Gaikwad who has been working ceaselessly for the betterment of people in rural areas

‘My task is herculean, the only way I know is to keep moving ahead’Providing healthcare services in rural and tribal areas have always been a daunting task for the government. For the people living in the rural areas, Primary Health Centre (PHC) is the only option. As poor and needy people, find it very difficult to reach to the district hospital. Today, My Medical Mantra brings you an […]

‘Serving my patients is akin to serving God’

Continuing on with our series on strong independent women, we bring to you the story of Swapna Joshi who has been treating cancer patients since the last 40 years at Tata Memorial Hospital. Treating cancer affected patients is a challenging task. And she has wholeheartedly accepted this challenge. Swapna Joshi’s dedication and selfless service to patients affected with cancer is worth saluting

‘Serving my patients is akin to serving God’“A nurse plays a vital role in treating a patient, from the moment that they have been diagnosed, till the time they have been treated.  A nurse has to be emotional and mentally strong while treating patients who are suffering from cancer,” says Swapna Joshi. Swapna has been working as a nurse since the last […]

Three nurses from Maharashtra conferred with Florence Nightingale award on International Nursing Day

The Florence Nightingale awards are given to the outstanding nursing personnel employed in Central, State/UTs. Nurses working in Government, Voluntary Organizations, Mission institutions and the private institutions can apply with the due recommendation of concerned State Government

Three nurses from Maharashtra conferred with Florence Nightingale award on International Nursing DayThe President of India, Pranab Mukherjee conferred the Florence Nightingale Awards to 35 nurses from across the country on the occasion of International Nurses Day at the Rashrapati Bhavan, here today, in the presence of Shri J P Nadda, Minister for Health and Family Welfare. From 35 nurses who have been felicitated by the president […]