Diet for lactating mothers

Breast feeding moms; know what you should be eating to help boost your breast milk production

Diet for lactating mothersPART 2  Staying hydrated is important during lactation but drinking water becomes a chore, let’s look at interesting ways to achieve it: Herbal tea: Boil tulsi, ginger, and lemongrass, mint (you can decide the quantity and choose all or just one or two ingredients). Before drinking, add lemon juice and jaggery or even green tea […]

10 slimming foods to eat if you have an all day sitting job

Prolonged sitting has been linked to everything from increased hunger and inflammation (which both lead to obesity and belly fat) to high blood pressure and high blood sugar. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking,” now you know where it stems from

10 slimming foods to eat if you have an all day sitting job“Wanna take a sit break?” said no desk-bound employee, ever. Most of corporate America is already sitting for eight to 10 hours daily, so instead, we stretch our legs, step out for air, or take a walk around the block. Basically, we do anything we can to get the blood moving, because sitting all day […]