Here’s how you can avoid workout related injuries

There are no shortcuts. Both the young and old are now appreciating the need for fitness and making a beeline to the nearest gym in full earnest. Age plays a vital role in determining one’s response to exercise and also propensity towards injuries.

Here’s how you can avoid workout related injuriesConcepts about fitness are constantly evolving over time. I still remember my first gym workout which was way back in 1990. It was a modest set up where I used to do a 2-3 hour whole body workout as many days a week as possible. This was followed by drinking ‘nimbu paani’ before going to […]

Just running 50 minutes a week is enough to lower death risk, finds study

Running is a good, cheap way of getting the heart pumping for some exercise. But how much is enough to get the benefits? According to a new study, any amount of regular running, even as little as 50 minutes once a week, can dramatically reduce the risk of death. And it doesn’t appear to matter how long or fast you run, just getting out there is all it takes to improve your health significantly

Just running 50 minutes a week is enough to lower death risk, finds studyMany studies have shown that running is a healthful form of aerobic exercise that has numerous benefits for both the body and the mind. For example, the authors of a 2018 study argued that running could help protect brain health, while older research has tied this form of physical activity to slower ageing. But what […]

Maintaining physical fitness helps combat lung and bowel cancer

A new study claims maintaining physical fitness helps prevent lung and bowel cancers. The researchers also discovered that those who already were at risk of these diseases but were deemed physically fit had greater chances of survival

Maintaining physical fitness helps combat lung and bowel cancerThe paper published in the Wiley Online Library showcased a study done on 43,143 health system patients who engaged in exercise stress tests of fitness in a span of 18 years. Researchers found that physically fit persons were at a lower risk of developing lung and colorectal cancers. Those aged 40 to 70 years old […]

Here’s why you need to correct your posture while sitting

Changes in posture are a result of bad habits, such as sitting hunched over and not standing correctly. Poor posture also can interfere with an active life. You can lose strength and flexibility, which makes you susceptible to injury

Here’s why you need to correct your posture while sittingSitting for long hours can be quite a challenge for a lot of us. However, sitting in a bad posture could be much more destructive, say experts. Posture refers to the way an individual holds alignment of spine in the body with all its adjoining structures. It includes every single movement that a person makes. […]

35 extra minutes of exercise per day can reduce depression risk

Even those who had the highest genetic depression risk scores were less likely to develop depression if they had higher levels of physical activity

35 extra minutes of exercise per day can reduce depression riskAccording to the researchers, who are from the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, the study is the first of its kind. The paper, which appears in the journal Depression and Anxiety, shows that physical activity can positively affect the risk of depression — even when there is a higher genetic risk. Lead author Karmel Choi, […]

Just 2 weeks on the couch starts to damage your body, suggests study

A new study proves that the old adage ‘use it or lose it’ is definitely true when it comes to fitness

Just 2 weeks on the couch starts to damage your body, suggests studyAfter just two weeks of sedentary behaviour, formerly fit people had: A decline in heart and lung health Increased waist circumference Greater body fat and liver fat Higher levels of insulin resistance “The study showed that two weeks of reduced physical activity, from approximately 10,000 steps per day down to 1,500 per day, caused changes […]

Low carb diet may reduce diabetes risk regardless of weight loss

A low-carb diet may have benefits for people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes even if they don't lose any weight, a new study suggests

Low carb diet may reduce diabetes risk regardless of weight lossA new study from Ohio State University has found that a low carb diet can help those at a higher risk of developing diabetes, even if they do not actually lose any weight. Researchers at The Ohio State University wanted to know what happens to obese people with metabolic syndrome, a precursor to diabetes, when […]

Best and worst foods for your thyroid health

The attention to food and nutrients to encourage proper functioning of the gland is often ignored. The nutrients that the thyroid gland needs are easily available in many food items. Ankita Ghag, clinical nutritionist, Co-founder and director, Vacchan Arogya lists out some food stuffs to consume and avoid, in order to boost the thyroid health

Best and worst foods for your thyroid healthYour thyroid is your body’s silent workhorse-most of the time; it functions so smoothly that we forget it’s there. But this little, butterfly-shaped gland that sits at the base of your neck helps regulate your metabolism, temperature, heartbeat, and more, and if it starts to go haywire, you’ll notice. Though the thyroid is small, it’s a major […]

Diwali: Special diet tips for diabetics

Diwali is a time when varieties of mithai, fried food is served and it becomes difficult for any individual especially a diabetic to take care of his/her diet. Food during Diwali is traditionally sweet. Sugar and ghee are present in many of the foods which means, they are often highly calorific and the sugar will raise blood glucose levels quickly. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and it is very important to take care of the dietary intake to maintain good control

Diwali: Special diet tips for diabeticsThe results of a poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and long working hours have become worrisome. And diabetes, which is known as the silent killer, happens to be the most dangerous of them all, plaguing millions across the world. It not only puts people at the risk of obesity, heart disease and a stroke, but also triggers an […]

How fasting may prevent obesity-related insulin resistance

New research adds to the mounting evidence that fasting may be helpful in the fight against obesity and its related conditions. By increasing certain proteins, the practice may protect against metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and liver disease, but the 'timing of and duration between meals' is key

How fasting may prevent obesity-related insulin resistanceThe health benefits of fasting have been the subject of much hype in recent years. More and more people now fast, not just for religious purposes but also to lose weight and boost metabolism. Restricting food intake may increase metabolic activity more than researchers used to believe, studies suggest, and the practice may even help […]
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