Joining a choir may help elders enjoy life, suggest researchers

Singing in a community choir may provide some psychological benefit to seniors, a small study suggest. Researchers had primarily hoped to see choir participation yield improvements in elderly people’s thinking skills and physical fitness, but that didn’t happen. They did, however, see improvements in loneliness and interest in life among seniors in the singing groups

Joining a choir may help elders enjoy life, suggest researchersThe study was conducted at 12 senior centers serving racially and ethnically diverse communities in and around San Francisco. Half of the centers were randomly selected for the choir program; the others served as a control group. Ultimately, 208 people participated in the choirs and 182 in the control group. None of them had been […]

Does living alone increase mental health risk?

A new study has concluded that living alone is linked to common mental disorders. The authors have also identified the main driver of this worrying relationship

Does living alone increase mental health risk?In recent years, scientists have investigated whether living alone might be a risk factor to mental health. A new study, the results of which now appear in the journal PLOS ONE, takes a fresh look at this question. The study authors conclude that there is a link between living alone and common mental disorders (CMDs). […]