Is the new ‘fasting’ diet trend healthy?

Fasting is nothing new. For a month every year, practising Muslims celebrate Ramadan by fasting from sunrise to sunset, and it’s a part of many other major religious traditions. But is it healthy and effective to restrict eating or fast on a regular basis?

Is the new ‘fasting’ diet trend healthy?Tipping the scales at 105 kgs, Charles Joy realised he needed to make some changes. The 28-year-old Louisville, Kentucky, native already had tried many diet plans to varying degrees of success. In 2013, he lost more than 45 kilos through exercise and diet. But afterward, his weight slowly began to creep back up. In 2017, […]

Live healthy: Nutrition tips to manage Navratri fast

Navratri - the nine nights of the celebration of Goddess Durga has begun from today, and the people will welcome the fest with much fervour. The festival witnesses beautiful colours and devotees observing fasts for nine days in honour of the Goddess

Live healthy: Nutrition tips to manage Navratri fastMany devotees follow the strict no-meat practice, and it enables one to tuck into vegetarian specialties during the fest. However, one should keep a tab on fasting as it is essential to avoid any health mishaps.  Niyati P Likhite, a Dietician, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, suggests a few tips to conquer the fasting period and yet […]