Exercise does not prevent blocked arteries, suggests study

The researchers found that the participants who had the highest levels of physical activity (trajectory three) were 27 per cent more likely to develop coronary artery calcification (CAC) by middle age, compared with people who exercised for under 2.5 hours per week. Although, the new findings should not be taken as a reason to stop exercising altogether

Exercise does not prevent blocked arteries, suggests studyCoronary artery calcification (CAC) is a condition characterized by a build-up of plaque in the main vessels that supply blood to the heart. This condition can lead to a wealth of cardiovascular problems, including the poor circulation of blood to and from the heart, depending on the severity of plaque build-up in the arteries. According […]

Five amazing benefits of exercise

While we've all heard that regular exercise can improve heart health and strengthen muscles, it can also enhance the quality of your life in a number of ways. Five such benefits may surprise you

Five amazing benefits of exerciseSounder sleep: The headline of a survey by the National Sleep Foundation said it best: “Exercise is good for sleep.” In the poll of 1,000 people, those who exercised the most vigorously reported the best sleep quality overall. And they were less likely than non-exercisers to say that in the past two weeks, they had […]

Exercise can increase your willpower, says study

Self-control is one of those concepts that we all recognize and applaud but do not necessarily practice. It requires forgoing things that entice us, which, let’s face it, is not fun. On the other hand, lack of self-control can be consequential for health and well-being, often contributing to problems like weight gain, depression or money woes

Exercise can increase your willpower, says studyFor most of us, temptations are everywhere, from the dessert buffet to the online shoe boutique. But a new study suggests that exercise might be a simple if unexpected way to increase our willpower and perhaps help us to avoid making impulsive choices that we will later regret. Given these impacts, scientists and therapists have […]

Difference between situational depression and clinical depression

Situational depression often goes away in time, and talking about the problem can ease recovery process. If recovery does not occur, more severe condition of clinical depression may develop

Difference between situational depression and clinical depressionEveryone feels sad from time to time and this is a natural human emotion. But depression is a serious condition that can affect every aspect of a person’s life. Situational and clinical depression are similar, but not the same. Recognizing the signs of situational and clinical depression is the first step towards getting appropriate help. […]

Diabetes tied to silent heart attacks

A silent heart attack can happen to anyone, but people with diabetes are more predisposed to experience silent heart attacks. Around 25 to 30 per cent of heart attacks in people with diabetes are silent, putting people with diabetes at significant risk

Diabetes tied to silent heart attacksPeople with diabetes are two to four times more likely to have a heart attack or stroke than those without the disease. There is no doubt that every heart attack is life threatening and requires immediate attention, says Dr JC Mohan, Director of Cardiology, Fortis Hospital, Delhi.  He added, “A heart attack in which a person […]

Weight loss: Give your body a post-Diwali detox

Diwali, the festival of lights and sweets, brings lot of joy and also weight. If you’re worried about how to get back in shape and want to lose that extra flab you have gained during the festive season. Then, follow these amazing tips given by the experts to help you lose those extra kilos

Weight loss: Give your body a post-Diwali detoxDiwali brings with it immense joy but this happiness turns into guilt after having festive sweets and savouries. All it takes to ruin a year’s worth of minding your meals is one long, festivity-filled weekend. Don’t worry, just follow these steps for a quick Diwali detox and weight loss. Rutika Murudkar, a clinical nutritionist at Naraindas Morbai […]

‘Optimistic approach towards life is my fitness mantra’

Dr Mansing Pawar, Dean, Government Dental College and Hospital, who is 64-year-old, is a fitness enthusiast. Along with his responsibilities as a dean he equally takes care of his fitness routine without letting it go for a toss

‘Optimistic approach towards life is my fitness mantra’In the hectic schedule, people often give it a miss to their fitness routine. But Dr Mansing Pawar is an exception. He strikes a perfect balance between his work and fitness regime. “Instead of stressing over everything have an optimistic approach. Body gets energy due to positive attitude. I learnt this from my father,” said […]

Osteoporosis: Risk in young mothers

While we are all aware that osteoporosis is most common in older people, there has been a considerable rise in the number of younger people being affected by it, including premenopausal women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. The term ‘premenopausal’ refers to women who are still having regular menstrual periods and have not yet reached menopause, says Dr AbhijitKale, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, S.L Raheja Hospital - A Fortis Associate Hospital

Osteoporosis: Risk in young mothersOsteoporosis is bone loss that is serious enough to result in fragile bones, increasing the risk of fracture by multifold. Younger women who tend to restrict what they eat in order to lose weight are at a higher risk of Osteoporosis and fractures. This also includes young mothers, since the baby growing in its mother’s […]

6 effective ways to become a morning person, if you aren’t already one

If you want to become a morning person, just telling yourself not to hit the snooze button isn't enough. Here's how to do it

6 effective ways to become a morning person, if you aren’t already onePeople love to brag about how early they wake up — to tell you, with the proudest smile, about how they ran a marathon at 4:30 this morning and made their breakfast and sip on their morning cuppa They can be an insufferable bunch, but you may also find yourself envying them. If that’s the […]

Know about the health conditions and pain on top of the foot

Pain on top of the foot may seem like an unusual location, particularly if no obvious injury took place there. However, this area can be affected by a variety of conditions and injuries beyond a bone fracture or bruise

Know about the health conditions and pain on top of the footThe foot has a complex set of tendons, muscles, joints, and bones that enable it to work properly, as well as withstand walking, standing, and other everyday movements. Many health conditions and injuries, however, can upset the foot’s movement and balance, causing problems and pain. Most foot pain requires, at the very least, rest and […]