#WorldAIDSDay: Horoscopes will not shape your future, a blood test surely will

 She was humiliated beyond extent and ridiculed by society with constant taunts and insulted on every step of her life. She was shamed, crushed and shunned at each and every moment. People did their best to pull her down. But, she firmly stood her ground

#WorldAIDSDay: Horoscopes will not shape your future, a blood test surely willIn a society where HIV positive people are still stigmatised, labelled and judged, Ratna Jadhav, a 40-year-old woman from Beed, Maharashtra, is making her presence felt, and making sure that her voice is heard loud and clear. She will not budge down to pressure or societal norms. Ratna herself is an HIV positive person. But, […]

Negative effects of plastic on human health

There are many chemicals that are added during production of plastic. Though all the health hazards are not yet known, plastic can be a cause for many hazards in humans. Today, while we cannot escape exposure to plastic, it poses a threat to all of us

Negative effects of plastic on human healthA study published by Australian scientist in July 2017, had investigated some chemicals commonly found in plastics. They demonstrated a link between higher levels of these chemicals in urine and increases in cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension in men. Through bio-monitoring, chemicals in plastics, such as BPA, and phthalates, have been identified in […]