Eye care: Tips to relieve dry eye syndrome

Dry eye syndrome can occur at any age, and in people who are otherwise healthy. It is more common with older age, when the individual produces fewer tears. It is also more common in women than in men

Eye care: Tips to relieve dry eye syndromeDry eyes can happen when tears evaporate too quickly, or the eyes produce too few tears. It is common in humans and in some animals. It can affect one or both eyes, and it can lead to inflammation. One study found that 17 percent of 2,127 patients visiting a hospital in Japan were diagnosed with dry eye, […]

How to wear and care for your contact lenses

Teenagers and youngsters prefer to use contact lenses over spectacles. According to the doctors, since eyes are sensitive and delicate, hygiene is important to ensure you don't suffer from any eye infections. If you experience any discomfort, redness or watering of the eyes while wearing lenses, see an eye specialist, warn doctors

How to wear and care for your contact lensesAccording to a study, though the teenagers and youngsters prefer using contact lenses, but not caring for it properly can lead to a variety of eye infections, including some that cause blindness. Recently, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA, released a data which says that 85 per cent teenagers in the age group […]

Winter: Follow these easy steps to ensure your eyes stay safe and healthy

Whether you’re hitting the slopes, heading to work or just cozying up by the fire, be aware of your surroundings. It’s easy to take good vision for granted when you should really be taking precautions. So, experts list out few ways to combat the effects of cold weather and dry air on your eyes

Winter: Follow these easy steps to ensure your eyes stay safe and healthyAs the heart of winter draws nearer and nearer we often start to realise our eyes are not quite coping as well as they usually do.  Know how to keep those peepers in tip-top condition throughout winter. We typically worry about staying warm during the winter months, and think less about protecting our eyes said experts. […]

Careless handling of contact lens can rob your vision

In the UK; doctors readying a 67-year-old woman for cataract surgery removed 27 contact lenses from her eye. Contrary to that, doctors in India inform that generally problems like contact lenses getting stuck in the eye are seen in the age group of 15-40 and the incidents of carelessly handling the contact lenses are increasing

Careless handling of contact lens can rob your visionContact lenses are safely used by millions of people every day, but they do carry a risk of eye infection, or they may get stuck in the eyes and generally it is seen in the youngsters, said doctors. Doctors feel that sleeping without removing the contacts also messes with the eyes in the long run. “Contact […]