American Academy of Paediatrics releases first ever guidelines on tattoos and piercings for children

The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) urges tattoo artists and piercers that teens and young people need to be screened for mental health concerns, and made aware that unsanitary piercing and tattooing can lead to infections like HIV and hepatitis

American Academy of Paediatrics releases first ever guidelines on tattoos and piercings for childrenMore young Americans are getting tattoos than ever before, starting at young as eight years old, according to a new report. As of 2010, 38 per cent of millennials reported having tattoos and between 10 and 23 per cent of Gen Z-ers reported having piercings somewhere besides the earlobes. Now, the growing popularity of tattoos […]

‘Spice’ girls baffle Mumbai doctors, psychiatrists

Doctors across the city have been receiving cases of teenagers, mainly girls, between 14 and 20 addicted to synthetic weed or Spice, which gives the same high as weed but cannot be identified through tests

‘Spice’ girls baffle Mumbai doctors, psychiatristsSudeep and Megha Parab noticed a sudden change in the behaviour of their teenaged daughter, Natasha (all names changed), some time back. The 17-year old had bloodshot eyes and she was experiencing sudden mood swings. At times she would be dizzy, and there were instances when she would be constantly irritable. However, when the Parabs […]

Hosh Mein Aao, says Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police starts #HoshMeinAao campaign, owing to increase in the drug abuse among city youths

Hosh Mein Aao, says Mumbai PoliceWith the Mumbai Police coming up with a new campaign on drug abuse, a tough war against drug abuse has now come to the fore. In a series of tweets on Saturday, the police have given various infographics and held conferences to spread the message of #HoshMeinAao (come back to your senses). Rising incidents of […]

‘Sunday Friends’: Mumbai’s anonymous angels for drug addicts 

Sion Hospital has a great help in the form of ‘Sunday Friends'. A group that doesn’t believe in publicity or self-boasting. They have helped many people get de-addicted and lead a healthy life

‘Sunday Friends’: Mumbai’s anonymous angels for drug addicts Thirty-year-old Shyam (name changed), walks into a hospital with his inconsolable mother. He cannot understand what he is being asked. Although he is literate with a degree, nothing of what is asked can be processed by him. He has come to the hospital complaining about three addictions – tobacco, cannabis and alcohol, yet he has […]

Drug abuse among youths a health concern for Mumbai docs

The report finds that Hepatitis C causes the greatest harm among an estimated 12 million people who inject drugs worldwide. Out of this number, one in eight (1.6 million) is living with HIV and more than half (6.1 million) are living with hepatitis C, while around 1.3 million are suffering from both hepatitis C and HIV. Overall, three times more people who use drugs die from hepatitis C (222,000) than from HIV (60,000)

Drug abuse among youths a health concern for Mumbai docsDrug abuse is an international menace. June 26 is observed as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNDOC). This day recognizes the impact of drugs on various facets of life like health, peace and development. On Thursday, the World Drug Report of 2017 […]