Want to lose weight? Sip these 5 bedtime beverages

While you probably know that having caffeine and sugar too close to bedtime can mess with your sleep, other nutrients can actually help you build muscle, improve your blood sugar stability, and burn fat

Want to lose weight? Sip these 5 bedtime beveragesThere’s not much worse than a night of tossing and turning in the sack. After all, poor sleep is intricately tied to weight gain, skewed hormone levels, next-day munchies, and blood sugar and insulin issues, says Bridget Murphy, R.D.N., C.D.N., at NYU Langone Medical Center. To score some quality shuteye, you’ve got to be careful […]

Beat the heat with these healthy summer drinks

During the summer, it’s especially important to stay hydrated for optimal health and beauty. Your body will crave more fluids as you are naturally perspiring more. Experts tell you how to cool down with these healthy sippers

Beat the heat with these healthy summer drinksHot summer days call for refreshing drinks. Whip up these family- and figure-friendly summer beverages for a sweet way to cool down.  As per the experts, the below mentioned drinks will cool down your system, help you stay hydrated and beat the heat. Summer’s the perfect time to modify your diet. Since, one can encounter health […]

No hangover: Step into the New Year guilt-free

Many of us have started prepping for it already! From picking the best outfit to food to music, are you all set for the New Year's party? New Year’s Eve parties are fun, but drinking irresponsibly can have you starting off 2018 on the wrong foot. Experts give some friendly drinking advice for the biggest party of the year

No hangover: Step into the New Year guilt-freeAnd it’s the New Year Again! We’d be setting foot into a brand new year, 2018. Jittery, excited, anxious, retrospective – the last few days of the year are a bundle of emotions difficult to put in words. There can’t be a better idea to bid goodbye to the year that was with friends and […]