50% patients hide information from doctors: Study

The University of Southern California conducted a study on this, where 2000 people were interviewed over the phone. If the survey is to be believed, as many as 50 percent people provided wrong information to the doctors.

50% patients hide information from doctors: StudyWhenever you visit your family physician or a doctor at a hospital, the very first question he/she asks, Tell me what happened? Since when this is happening? Have you had anything outside? How are you feeling? Please tell me everything. He/she puts a questionnaire in front of you to understand what exactly you are suffering […]

Killer ‘Blue Whale’ banned in India

As a reaction to the on-going ‘Blue whale’ saga, the government has now sent a letter seeking to remove the game from all major sites to make it inaccessible to the vulnerable and innocent minds

Killer ‘Blue Whale’ banned in IndiaThe government has finally taken a lead in the ‘Blue whale’ saga that seemed like a never-ending episode. Ever since the news of a 14-year-old committing a suicide in Mumbai has come out in the media, the country has been searching about the game and its availability, majorly to feed their curiosity. Reportedly, the boy’s […]

23-year-old woman with ‘magic mushroom’ addiction puzzles city doctor

After cases of youngsters using the drug, Spice, were reported, doctors and psychiatrists say they are treating youngsters who are using this gateway drug that is known to create heightened state of ecstasy lasting about eight hours

23-year-old woman with ‘magic mushroom’ addiction puzzles city doctorShikha Rao, a 23-year old, was detected with borderline personality disorder. While treating her, Dr Sagar Karia, realised she was also using magic mushroom, a party drug, known for hazardous hallucinogenic effects. “Shikha is already suffering from a personality disorder, added to which she has caught on to this addiction. Magic mushroom gives a high […]

Patient commits suicide, psychiatrists highlight need for counselling

On the backdrop of this, psychiatrist have stressed on the need of psychiatric help before and after a major operation .Any major surgery takes an emotional and physical toll on a patient. Sometimes patients are worried about their recovery, they may also have some sort of financial burden. Counseling will help them overcome negative thoughts

Patient commits suicide, psychiatrists highlight need for counsellingToday morning at 10: 15 am, a 56-year-old patient named Ramsing Jaiswal, in Seven Hills hospital located in Andheri, Mumbai, committed suicide, by jumping from the 8th floor of the hospital. Five days ago, he had undergone a heart bypass surgery. According to the information provided by the hospital administration, he was responding well to the […]