Woman delivers baby inspite of getting breast cancer during pregnancy

Motherhood is always a happy feeling for any woman. When a woman is pregnant she always thinks about her yet to be born child. Even the minor complications during her pregnancy scares her. Imagine a mother being told she has breast cancer while she is pregnant? That’s the battle this supermom has fought

Woman delivers baby inspite of getting breast cancer during pregnancyShikha Khandelwal was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 when she was pregnant. 33-years-old then, she took the struggle head on and fought it with grace. Happily, delivered her child. It all began in July 2015, when she started getting breathless and found lumps in her breast. So she visited Dr LH Hiranandani hospital at […]

Is your child watching porn? Seek help

Incidents of children viewing pornography are increasing at an alarming rate warned the doctors. Doctors say children between the age group of 12-15 like to view sensuous stuff as they are at the peak of the sexual activity

Is your child watching porn? Seek helpHave you been worried with the thought of your teenage child watching porn on his/her phone? Your concerns may be right to an extent as city psychiatrists are seeing a rising number of parents seeking their help for their adolescent aged child being hooked to porn watching. Doctors say easy accessibility to porn online is […]