Killer ‘Blue Whale’ banned in India

As a reaction to the on-going ‘Blue whale’ saga, the government has now sent a letter seeking to remove the game from all major sites to make it inaccessible to the vulnerable and innocent minds

Killer ‘Blue Whale’ banned in IndiaThe government has finally taken a lead in the ‘Blue whale’ saga that seemed like a never-ending episode. Ever since the news of a 14-year-old committing a suicide in Mumbai has come out in the media, the country has been searching about the game and its availability, majorly to feed their curiosity. Reportedly, the boy’s […]

Confused and disoriented? It could be a mental disorder?

Confusional psychosis, is a condition that is often caused due to severe head injury or high emotional stress. Severe stress or disappointment is often the reason for this condition. In this condition, the person is often disoriented with realities like place, time and people

Confused and disoriented? It could be a mental disorder?A week ago, the country was proudly talking about a 16-year-old boy named Harshit Sharma from Chandigarh. This was about his induction in Google for the job of graphic designing with a salary of whopping 1.44 crore annually. It was shortly realised that the whole episode was hoax and that there was no truth to […]

23-year-old woman with ‘magic mushroom’ addiction puzzles city doctor

After cases of youngsters using the drug, Spice, were reported, doctors and psychiatrists say they are treating youngsters who are using this gateway drug that is known to create heightened state of ecstasy lasting about eight hours

23-year-old woman with ‘magic mushroom’ addiction puzzles city doctorShikha Rao, a 23-year old, was detected with borderline personality disorder. While treating her, Dr Sagar Karia, realised she was also using magic mushroom, a party drug, known for hazardous hallucinogenic effects. “Shikha is already suffering from a personality disorder, added to which she has caught on to this addiction. Magic mushroom gives a high […]