‘Breastfeeding is beneficial to both mother and child’

Studies say that those mothers who successfully breastfeed in the first 24 hours are less prone to depression that may occur due to hormone changes and other factors like poor sleep, tiredness and pain caused due to stitches. Breastfeeding also helps the uterus to contract thereby aiding in its return to its natural position in the pelvis

‘Breastfeeding is beneficial to both mother and child’It is a well-known fact that breastfeeding is essential for a newborn baby and that the mother’s milk is the best source of nutrition, aiding in sturdy growth and development of the child. It is not for nothing that we say that ‘Breast milk is the Best milk’. However, what many of us do not […]

Not all that bleeds is piles

Patients have to be evaluated by a clinician, specifically a surgeon, who can ascertain the exact cause of bleeding, investigate and then treat it. One must also refrain from using alternate medicine remedies without consulting a clinician so as not to miss lurking malignancies, assuming “It’s only piles.”

Not all that bleeds is pilesAs a surgeon, one of the commonest problems that I treat regularly is bleeding in stools. Largely, my patients are females who have been self-medicating themselves due to ignorance of their own health issues and awkwardness of being examined by a male doctor. When questioned about their problems most of them would reply, “Doctor I […]

Dental health: Keep your teeth healthy by avoiding these foods

We all are aware of the vitality of oral health for our overall well-being. It’s a known fact that our diet plays an important role in safeguarding our dental health. It is essential to know what to pay attention to and how to minimalise the probable dangers

Dental health: Keep your teeth healthy by avoiding these foodsIt really looks like the well-known maxim, “You are what you eat” rings true when it comes to oral healthcare it definitely is all the more significant than usual. We always discuss at great length about the edibles one needs to consume to uphold a healthy oral condition, but it’s also equally imperative to know […]

Effective ways to teach children about germs

The functioning of the body can be disrupted by germs that can send wreak havoc on our body. These tiny living organisms are the root cause for major diseases not just in kids but in almost everyone. Parents generally find it difficult to explain the concept of germs to kids. Read on to help make your kids understand about germs in a simpler way

Effective ways to teach children about germs‘How do I explain the concept of germs for my kid to understand’ is the biggest distress most parent’s experience. For your children, germs are an abstract concept, something that they cannot see or feel, but trying and explaining the importance of hygiene in an easy-to-understand method which will definitely help them lead a healthy […]

How to juggle fasting, feasting and yet manage diabetes this festive season

During the festive season, we tend to forget all the cares and worries of life and along with this we may also forget our usual diet which we follow. Unfortunately, during this time we not only witness an increase in newly detected cases of type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle disorders, but also the worsening of blood of people with diabetes

How to juggle fasting, feasting and yet manage diabetes this festive seasonFestivals in India are mostly associated with fasts and feasts whether it is Navaratri followed by Dussehra and Diwali or Ramzan followed by Eid. Festivals include rituals which involve fasting, as well as visiting friends and relatives which involve feasts. Markets are filled with sweets, and other food items which are rich in fat, sugar […]

‘The dignity of elderly patients with dementia must be preserved’

Dementia is a mental health problem that shall increase in the years to come. On this World Alzheimer's Day, let us pledge to fight dementia and never to forget those who cannot remember

‘The dignity of elderly patients with dementia must be preserved’Dementia is a complex condition characterized by memory loss on one hand and deterioration of intelligence and personality on the other. Whenever I see patients with dementia I always think of someone who has been so productive in life, deteriorating as the brain shrinks with ageing. We all have known somebody with dementia. We have […]

Administration and government responsible for divide between patients and doctors

By projecting that doctors only want security, we are falling into the trap as people have been made to think that we are at fault – and now we want protection. As doctors, we need to rephrase our demands

Administration and government responsible for divide between patients and doctorsI think it’s unfortunate that the recent events have been turned into a Doctors vs Patients battle – at least in government-municipal hospitals. Patients are aggrieved because they did not get the support they expected. Their unhappiness starts from the shoddy registration desk (reception doesn’t exist), running around for forms for hours, terrible infrastructure, no […]